4 Simple Ways To Avoid Problems With Your Heating This Winter

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As we make our way into autumn and onward to the cold harsh winter months, it is time to think about protecting our home from the elements. Having just purchased our first house we are self-confessed novices at DIY and home updates and improvements, however there are some super easy to follow tips that are worth bearing in mind. One area that we are focusing on today is how to avoid problems with your heating this winter. Keep reading below for the most simple tips to hopefully help you keep your home warm and cosy all winter long without any problems.

Regularly inspect your boiler – something that we often forget to do is to check our boiler. It is one of those things you just kind of leave to their own devices in the background of your home and assume that it doesn’t need too much attention. If you aren’t good at remembering to check the pressure levels and general maintenance of your boiler you can pay to have it serviced a couple of times a year. If all else fails then setting a reminder on your calendar or phone to give it the once over every now and again could be beneficial.

Find a reliable plumber – good plumbers aren’t always easy to come by and if you have an older house you will want to ensure that you build up some good contacts for builders, plumbers and general tradesmen in the industry. Things can go wrong in the blink of an eye and it is always so handy to have the numbers of reliable people stored in your phone to call upon, should the worst happen. We recently had some building work done and this resulted in a slow leak from one of our pipes that we didn’t immediately spot. Luckily, when we realised the problem we found a good plumber who came out and fixed this before winter. It took an hour and the rates were reasonable compared to the cost of the damage had the leak gotten any worse!

Replace or update your water tanks – Many older British houses have separate cold water storage tanks but you can find some fantastic ones that are resistant to corrosion, giving them tremendous durability. Do some research and you’ll find high quality cold water storage tanks available without too much hassle.

Try to prevent pipes from freezing – Check that any gaps or areas where wind and gales may reach pipes is sufficiently blocked and insulated. Be sure to remove and store garden hoses and and check on sprinkler systems regularly as these will also be prone to freezing and deterioration. Outdoor pipes could potentially be wrapped in material or pipe tape to help insulate them but if you have any concerns about any of your hot water, plumbing or heating around the home it is always worth calling out a professional for some up-to-date advice and answers. They will usually be only too happy to help and you may end up finding yourself a great contact for future work in the process.

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