Switching To Natural Cleaning Products with Norfolk Natural Living

natural cleaning products

Over the past few months I have been making an effort to look more closely at the products that I use around the home and how eco-friendly these items are. Nobody is perfect and whilst I can’t guarantee I’ll never buy or use products that perhaps aren’t so great for the planet, what myself and all of us can do is make small changes and try to become better educated where possible.

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When the lovely team at Norfolk Natural Living got in touch and asked if I would like to try out some of their natural cleaning products I was more than happy to take them up on the offer. Below you can find a selection of the items I have been using over the past few weeks.

natural cleaning products

Finding a multi-surface spray that is free from harsh chemicals and yet smells fantastic has been amazing. I use this when I’m giving the kitchen a quick wipe over and want everything to look and smell fresh. With a delicate floral scent this leaves counter tops looking clean and smelling great. It’s not streaky and doesn’t leave behind any residue either.

natural cleaning products

Dish wash is something that we all use daily but perhaps never pay much attention to the ingredients. This botanical dish washing liquid combines modern plant-based technology with naturally derived active ingredients and is handmade in Norfolk. It cleanses the grease and dirt from crockery with ease, but is also mindful of preserving our waterways.

natural cleaning products

Until now I had also been using foam scourers for my washing up but shall now be switching to cleaning cloths like these which can be washed regularly and will last months. These are priced at £8.50 but when you consider the cost of multiple packs of scourers over the months it is definitely worth making the swap in my opinion.

natural cleaning products

This scented vinegar spray is great for cleaning tiles and glass. I will definitely be keeping this on hand as a great ‘all rounder’ cleaning product. As with all of the Norfolk Natural Living products the packaging is fully recyclable.

Many thanks to Norfolk Natural Living for helping me to think a little more carefully about the cleaning products I am using around the house. If you would like to find out any more info on the brand you can visit: www.norfolknaturalliving.com

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