5 ways Acai berries could aid your health

Acai berries have been consumed for thousands of years and with these tiny fruits claiming to have a host of health benefits there’s no surprise why! Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor, Cassandra Barns shares five health boosting benefits from this superfood….

1. Acai is very nutrient dense. Its vitamin A content makes it a great food to support healthy skin and optimal eye function.

2. Acai may be beneficial to take pre and post workout as it is an excellent source of Vitamin E which helps to protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress.

3. Acai is a good source of potassium. Potassium is needed for normal muscle and nervous system function. It’s also important for normal blood pressure. Often we have a high dietary intake of sodium and not enough of potassium. This fruit may help maintain the right balance in the body.

4. Calcium, the mineral found most abundantly in the body is also found in Acai. As well as being needed by the body for healthy bones, muscles and teeth, it’s also needed for cell division and neurotransmitter function.

5. Acai berries score very highly on the ORAC scale which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, a unit of measurement of antioxidants. Acai’s free radical quenching capacity makes them very popular. Excess free radicals react with molecules inside cells and damage DNA. This leads to mutations and ageing of the cell as well as a whole host of diseases. In fact many studies have demonstrated that free radical damage is the main cause of ageing. The DNA damage decreases the life of the cell. Incorporating foods that rate high on the ORAC scale, such as Acai berries may be the way to go for those on a quest for the fountain of youth.


To get your daily dose of Acai berry, as well as beetroot, which is associated with boosting exercise performance, vitamin B12 to provide a natural energy boost, and a number of essential nutrients try Sense* for Busy Lives Powder. RRP £21.99, Boots.

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