5 Ways You Can Be the Hostess with the Mostess

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As nice as it is to have friends and family stay that you don’t normally get to see, the preparation and the hosting can really take it out of you. Here are just a few pointers on how you can be the hostess with the mostess and ensure your guests would give you a 5* on TripAdvisor, if you actually were a hotel:

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1. Ensure There Are Enough Beds

You don’t want your guests to sleep on the floor, but you also may not have a bedroom suited to everyone. So, it is important to utilise the furniture that you do have and sort sleeping arrangements far in advance, so that you aren’t searching for blow-up beds last minute. Day beds and sofa beds are great options, if you have guests staying over quite a lot. Sofa beds are great as they can work as a sofa by day, but a cosy double bed by night. If you’re stuck on what sort of bed would be suited to your house, then check out this blog by Happy Beds on day beds versus sofa beds. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something eco-friendly, why not invest in a cardboard bed? Their concertina design means they can be pulled out and put away whenever needed and can be 100% recycled when you don’t need them anymore.

2. Provide Breakfast That Suits Everyone

A fry-up is a good option, as there is bound to be something that everyone could have. For example, rather than having the full hog, someone may want just beans on toast or a bacon sandwich.
Don’t wait until the day they arrive to find out if anyone is vegetarian (I mean, you don’t want to do a Pam from Gavin and Stacey, do you?). Find out, before you do the food shop, if anyone has any specific dietary requirements so that you can get something in the house to cater for everyone.
You could always play it safe with cereal, or just toast!

3. Research Your Local Attractions

If your guests aren’t coming down for any other reason bar to spend time with you, then research things that are going on in your area. Often, a lot of time is spent umming and ahhing on how the day should be spent, so save some time by producing the perfect itinerary.
Include your favourite lunch spots, activities and bars. Plus, this will give you chance to explore your home town too, as we often don’t take advantage of the tourist spots near us.

4. Enough Towels and Toiletries

Ensure that each person staying has their own towel that they could use over the weekend. Towels don’t have to be expensive, and they also don’t have to be the best quality if they’re just for guests to use over a matter of days. Also ensure that there is enough shampoo, conditioner and shower gel to go around. Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of their shower, only to realise that the shampoo has run out and they have to spend the day with greasy hair.

5. Clean

You may not live in the cleanest of houses normally, but your guests don’t need to know this. Clean the house before your guests arrive from top to bottom; put your clothes away, ensure there are no dirty dishes hanging around and get rid of all of the dust that has been building up over the past couple of days.

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