The Ultimate Simple BBQ Side Dishes For Summer

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

With BBQ season in full swing, we’ve teamed up with Sainsbury’s to show you our favourite simple BBQ side dishes using their Taste the Difference British Gems baby new potatoes. Their distinctive buttery flavour and golden colour make British Gems the perfect potatoes to takeover from Jersey Royals during the summer months. Sainsbury’s British gems baby new potatoes are grown in Britain, freshly dug everyday before being washed, packed and distributed to Sainsbury’s stores within 48 hours. You certainly can’t get much fresher than that!

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When it comes to throwing the perfect BBQ, in our family we always look for quick, easy and delicious side dishes that can be thrown together at a moments notice. You never quite know what the unpredictable great British weather will do next so it’s great to keep a few simple side dishes on hand.

simple bbq recipes

Smashed new potatoes with garlic and chive butter

This is a delicious dish to make a huge bowl of for the centre of your table. It’s great for when you have lots of guests to feed and need something hearty and filling to dish up on the side of your plates. It couldn’t be easier to make either! These tasty little new potatoes require little to no prep time, so just give them a rinse and put them on to boil for around 20 minutes or until soft.

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Drain and return to the saucepan. Add a generous amount of butter and season with salt, black pepper, garlic granules and a handful of finely chopped chives. Using a potato masher, gently crush the potatoes so that they can absorb the buttery goodness! Serve at the centre of your table so that guests can easily help themselves to a generous scoop!

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Mini Roast Potato Skewers

These are an amazing snack for kids and grown-ups alike! Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference British Gems baby new potatoes are perfectly sized to pop on a skewer and plate up ready for guests to grab as they please. These are also super simple and easy to make. You will need : Taste the Difference British Gems baby new potatoes / Olive oil / Salt and pepper to season / Skewers / Cherry tomatoes / Feta cheese (cubed) / Fresh basil leaves.

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Method: Give your potatoes a quick wash and then put them in a saucepan to boil until softened. Drain and transfer to a roasting dish and make a few roughly cut slices into each potato to allow the seasoning to soak up inside. Brush the potatoes with olive oil and season with a generous amount of salt and black pepper. Place unto the oven on ‘high’ until the potatoes are slightly crispy. Remove from oven and begin assembling your skewers. Start by skewering a cherry tomato, followed by a cube of your feta cheese, then a single basil leaf. Finish by carefully (they may still be quite hot!) skewering one or two of your new potatoes to finish.  Serve them on platters for your guests to grab on the go!

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Hopefully these Simple BBQ Side Dishes have inspired you to create your own? You’ll find that because these potatoes are harvested and delivered into store within 48 hours you’ll really be able to taste how fresh they are for yourself.

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference British Gems baby new potatoes are back in stores and available now in a 750g prepack or loose. You can also find them online at and more delicious recipes are on the @BritishGems Twitter!

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