Sprucing Your Home Up for the Festive Months

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to start thinking of how to prepare the home for the festive season. Whether you love an overabundance of sparkle or you want to cut back on the glitter this year, getting everything ready in time for the big day requires an action plan. To help you get started, here are some ideas to prep your house for 25 December.


Declutter and Clean Up – Before you can think of the decorations you want to add, do a deep clean. Remove anything that has been cluttering up the house for the last few months, from clothes you have been meaning to donate to charity to clearing out the linen cupboards. By decluttering, you are adding storage space. You know exactly what outfits you have for the coming months and the bedding you have for guests who might be staying over Christmas week.

Once you have cleared everything out, you can then focus on cleaning. While your loved ones are not likely to comment on your dusty skirting boards, having clean spaces will allow you to add your Christmas decorations safe in the knowledge that everything is neat and tidy.

Have a Reshuffle – Clearing and decluttering will also give you the opportunity to think about how your living spaces are currently configured. Where will your tree go? Is it worth moving the sofa to the other corner to see if that frees up space for the tree, plus the additional chairs that will be needed so your relatives have somewhere to sit after dinner?

Cater for Guests – On the topic of seating, how many times have you found yourself awkwardly perched on a deckchair as you try to keep the precariously-balanced paper hat on your head during dinner? If you have guests coming over, plan the seating arrangements and consider your current options. There are plenty of deals to be had this season, such as on these chairs by Heals, and you can make investments now that will stand the test of time.

Theme It – Now you have an idea of where everyone will sit, you can start to think of the decorations you want this year. Consider your current collection and refresh from there.
Some of the most effective festive decorations are the ones that combine existing details with updated features. So, the trusty golden baubles can look super sleek when placed next to some new jet-black ones. Do some research to see what you want from your décor this year and build upon this until you have your theme.

Whatever you have in store this festive season, be sure to treat your home – and yourself – to something special. Add a stick of cinnamon, buy a candle or add some scatter cushions decorated with robins and deer.

Do you know what you want from your Christmas décor? Have you already started making plans?

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