How to spruce up your Christmas decorations

If the Christmas decorations in films like Home Alone, The Holiday and Love Actually, and pretty much any Hallmark movie make you as green as the Grinch, you’ll love our tips on how to decorate your tree like a professional!


Choose a full-bodied tree

Whether you decide to go green with a real tree or have a faithful artificial tree, ensure its full bodied, with branches as evenly spread as possible. The Norway Spruce is the most recognisable type of tree used at Christmas and adds the scent of Christmas to your home.

Remember to measure the height of your ceiling to ensure the tree will fit!


Pick a theme

A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central theme that everything is built around. Choose classic colour combinations in gold, red and green, or for a cool Scandinavian vibe opt for natural looking ornaments in muted neutral colours. If you prefer to keep your tree on trend each year, this year think blue– inspired by the colours of the Northern Lights.


Start with the lights

Add your Christmas lights to your tree before you decorate and have them switched on so you can see exactly where they’ll twinkle. Wrap the lights from the top of the tree, down. That way you can make sure you’re not half way up the tree when you run out.

You should now have an even distribution of festive fairy lights. Choose warm white for Scandinavian and traditional themes, and cool white for silvers, blacks and neon colours.


Group your decorations

Group your decorations by size and colour on a large surface so you can see how they work together. If there are any that seem jarring, don’t use them.

Choose decorations that complement the overall appearance of your tree, and don’t be afraid to use supersized or miniature decorations- they’re perfect for gap filling.


Cluster your baubles

Three is the magic number when it comes to decorating the tree. Instead of adding one bauble at a time, cluster the tree with three baubles of different sizes to add interest. You can either choose similar pieces or contrasting ones.

Arrange them as close together as possible and ensure the lights are able to reflect off the decorations adding an extra touch of Christmas drama.


Choose the right topper

The tree topper is the piece de resistance when it comes to creating a professional looking tree. Make sure you choose one that best fits your theme- if you’ve opted for classic and opulent colours a gold star would work well, if you’ve gone more modern, an angel in silver could suit your theme the most.

Remember to choose a topper that fits the proportions of your tree, too small and it will be underwhelming, too large and it will dominate. We’d love to see how professional your tree looks!

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