Somerset Lavender Fields | A Magical Afternoon In The Countryside

lavender field

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a quiet afternoon in the sunshine then our latest trip to explore the beautiful Somerset lavender fields could be right up your street!

Lavender fields in Somerset are absolutely beautiful at this time of year. Vast fields of purple and lush green countryside make it the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

somerset lavender fields

Somerset lavender fields and where to find them?…

We visited Somerset Lavender as it was the closest to us. In the Lavender field you can see over five acres of Lavender, walk through the field and absorb the sight of more than 50,000 Lavender plants with bees humming, collecting pollen to make honey.

bee on lavender

There are flower and vegetable gardens to wander and even a garden filled with healing plants.

flower garden

The sweet little gardens are filled with the most magical flowers you could imagine and make for a lovely place to take a seat after wandering through the two lavender fields opposite.

We spent an hour wandering the lavender fields, taking pictures of the scenery and watching bees collect pollen. The smell of the lavender is absolutely gorgeous and adds to the relaxing ambience. We visited on a Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy at all.

somerset lavender field

The facilities were clean and well looked after (toilets are tucked away around the corner past the shop) and there is a quaint little cafe where you can pick up treats.

lavender field

You can take a seat at one of the outside tables and enjoy everything from lavender shortbread to lavender and almond cakes. The lavender ice cream is delicious on a hot day! The staff are friendly and helpful and nothing seemed too much trouble.


We always enjoy exploring places in UK to travel and take day trips so this was another fantastic find. Children will enjoy this just as much as the grown-ups and you could take some lovely family photos.

lavender shop

Parking is free at these lavender fields but bring some loose change with you to leave a donation in the boxes provided. It is well worth it for a few hours of fun in the beautiful countryside!

Have you visited any Somerset lavender fields or found any close to where you live? Let us know here or over on Instagram @lifestylelinked so that we can get inspired for future trips! Don’t forget to follow our travel column for more day trip ideas and travel experiences.

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