Review: The Book Thief

When I first saw the cover for The Book Thief I was unsure what the story was going to be about, my first thoughts were that it was going to be along the same lines as Schindlers list for example or something of that ilk or the girl was going to be the key to some sort of uprising when she became of age, happily for me I was wrong on both counts and the story is a fantastic one from start to finish.

The book is narrated by Death and tells the tale of a girl he met (The Book Thief) and all the souls her life touched. Liesel Meminger is The Book Thief, a girl who goes to live with adopted parents after her mother is taken away, at first the Hubermann’s seem a little cold, but Hanns teaches the little girl to read the books she has so far “acquired” along her travels and her reading and passion for books shines through the darkness of the backdrop of wartime Nazi Germany.

The story is filled with amazing characters particularly Rosa (her adopted mother) who really shows her caring and warmer side when Hans is sent off to war, Max – a Jew who comes to live in the basement and Rudy – Liesel’s best friend.

Overall The Book Thief is a fantastic listen/read and is highly recommended for readers of all kinds, that said I must admit to taking a few times to get into the story but once in I was hooked.

I reviewed the Unabridged Audiobook version of The Book Thief from, Narrated by Allan Corduner

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