14 Ultimate Friends TV Show Themed Gifts For The “Monica to your Rachel”

friends tv show

It may have long since stopped filming, but Friends the TV show is one of my ultimate favourite things to watch. When you need cheering up this the kind of show that you can watch and re-watch over and over and still never get bored. Am I right?!

I’ve found some of the best Friends TV show gift ideas for the Friends fan in your life, or to treat yourself. Spotted something I might not have seen? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Monica to my rachel

Monica to my Rachel card

Ok, let’s start with one of our own little cards. This ‘You’re the Monica to my Rachel’ note card is perfect for birthday’s or any occasion. Priced at £2.75 from Veralalune on Etsy! Link to buy.

Friends Monopoly

Looking for the ultimate board game? This Friends monopoly game looks AMAZING! Link to buy.


friends quote card

Friends Quote card

Need a little card for any occasion? This one from VeraLalune is perfect for giving to a friend or framing for the home. Link to buy.

Friends Quote Print

Looking for something to brighten up your office walls or add a fun touch to your home decor? This Friends quote print is packed with all of the classics! Link to buy.

Smelly Cat Bag

There’s no forgetting the now iconic ‘Smelly Cat’ song. This cute tote bag would be perfect for carrying around school books or picking up the essentials from the supermarket. Link to buy.

Monica To My Rachel Mug

Show the Monica to your Rachel how much she means to you with this perfect ceramic mug! Link to buy.

friends birthday card

Like You More than ROSS likes DINOSAURS Birthday card

Need a birthday card? This one will show someone just how special they are. We all know how much Ross likes Dinosaurs! Link to buy.


Friends cushion

This cushion is totally adorable and would be the perfect way to add a Friends themed pop of colour to your room! Link to buy. 

Friends Personalised Adult Hooded Blanket

This luxurious hooded blanket has is double layered sherpa fleece fabric which has been pressed together to provide extra comfort. This is huge and so cosy for snuggling up and watching episodes of your fave show! Link to buy.

friends tv show card

Drink the Fat card

The perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you has to be with this hilarious Friends TV show card. Who would you ‘drink the fat’ for?! Link to buy.

monica to rachel

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