Review: Karcher WD 2.200 Multi Purpose Vac

10 Assembly
10 Instructions
10 Build Quality
10 Weight
10 Results - Dirt / Spillages / Rubble
2 Carpets (General Household)

Karcher are a very well respected brand, I will guarantee that someone you know has one of their famous high quality pressure washers. I will be the first to admit that I didn’t know they made heavy duty vacuums intended for the little jobs your average hoover would keel over at, so we jumped at the chance to check out their entry level model the Karcher WD 2.200 and see how it faired.


Pictured above is the WD 2.200 unboxed, missing from the picture is the crevice tool and the casters that are found inside the body, I did read the instructions to ensure I did everything right but to be honest you wont really need them, everything is very self explanatory and putting the wheels etc on is a pain free and simple exercise.


Here is the little guy completely built and ready for action in his iconic Karcher yellow, assembly only took a couple of minutes and most of that time was simply breaking open plastic bags, build quality is great and it wouldn’t look out of place in any self respecting garage.


We did quite a few practical tests with the Karcher WD 2.200, including gravel, mud, rice (pictured) and muddy water and it fared very well on all tests, just remember to clean the the internal filter and allow it time to dry before using the machine again.


The Karcher WD 2.200 is a fantastic machine for those dirty jobs around the house such as spillages, the garage and cleaning out the car, however according to, it doesn’t do well with carpets, so we did also do a small test on a carpeted area and it was terrible, not even picking up a small amount of fluff, so in no way could it be a replacement/substitute for your every day hoover, but to be honest that is not really what it is for.


The Karcher WD 2.200 is a very practical machine, its robust, bagless, light and as the image shows; clever allowing you to store all the tools, the pipe and even the electrical cable whilst not in use in a very small package. The energy required to operate this vac is very reasonable, it will not lead you to compare electricity suppliers to find a more affordable situation

The Karcher WD 2.200 is a brilliant machine, it provides a practical, well made solution to those hard to tackle jobs around the house, there is no doubt in my mind that its strength lies in the garage for tackling those DIY jobs and nasty spillages however anyone who buys it as a replacement for a standard vacuum will be disappointed.

The Karcher WD 2.200 is available from all major retailers and for £79.99 RRP

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