Philip Kingsley Balancing Rose & Lychee Elasticizer

The multi award-winning Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has a 45-year heritage of maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. And, for the first time, the eagerly anticipated annual limited edition has been formulated to evoke a sense of wellbeing that can be introduced into every beauty and wellness routine. Enter, the mood-boosting, hair-boosting Elasticizer Therapies.

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With wellbeing at its heart, balancing Rose and Lychee is the first fragrance in the new Elasticizer Therapies range by Philip Kingsley. Inspired by Ayurveda, regarded as the oldest holistic healing system in the world, Rose & Lychee has been specially developed to balance, calm and relax; creating the ultimate sense of wellbeing and comfort through its unique fragrance composition.

Philip Kingsley

The ritual of using Elasticizer embraces taking time out and the art of self-care; not just to care for your hair, but your mind, body and soul too. Elasticizer epitomises Philip Kingsley’s long-standing holistic approach to haircare which was established and is upheld at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in Mayfair.

Philip Kingsley don’t just treat a client’s hair, but the client as a whole, taking into account diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and family and medical history, all of which can have an impact on scalp and hair health.

Philip Kingsley

If your hair has become dry or damaged in the summer sun or you are just back from your holidays, this is a total must-have to keep on standby!

Elasticizer Therapies, Balancing Rose and Lychee is available to purchase now at £98 (1000ml) £35 (150ml) £21.50 (75ml)

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