Personalised Cornishware Mugs For Christmas Gifting

Personalised gifts are proving to be extremely popular this year. They are the perfect way of purchasing something unique that shows you’ve really put some thought and effort into your choice of gift. These Cornishware mugs can be personalised with any name and look amazing with a little festive wording or your own name.

personalized mugs

My daughter’s name is so difficult to find on any of the off-the-shelf personalised items you can buy in most stores due to its unique spelling, so I love that Corbishware kindly sent us one with it on! Cornishware is such a special gift to receive at Christmas. First produced in the 1920’s, it is widely acknowledged as an iconic brand treasured by collectors and gratefully received by everyone.


Each piece of Cornishware is delivered wrapped in a bespoke striped box and this year, not only can mugs and storage jars by personalised, but now even teapots too. So why not “type on a stripe” and send a personal message on your gift? It could be that special date or name, or a message from the heart. All Cornishware is available from and John Lewis. Perfect for Christmas gifts or at any time of the year to show someone just how much you care.

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