Organising An Accessible Holiday

When it comes to spending time as a family with the grandparents, we always like to plan out what we are doing and where we are going in advance. Having parents and grandparents with mobility issues means that we always like to make sure that everything can be as accessible and enjoyable as possible for us all. If you are looking for some advice on how to make the most out of a day trip or a longer family break then these tips should come in handy.

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Do your research – if you are planning any type of trip then doing your research first is key. Take the time to phone ahead with venues and check that you have everything you need. This always reduces the stress of having to deal with any last minute hiccups along the way. Putting together a travel folder or file with all of your important documents, forms and medication will ensure that you can keep it on hand at all times. A clear zip-lock bag or folder means that you can see exactly what you need to get to and when.

Flights – if you are flying on a long or short haul trip then it is always worth doing an extra bit of planning before you leave. If your mobility scooter or device needs a replacement battery then batteries for mobility scooters are available at Pro Rider Mobility to make ordering quick and easy. Enquiring in advance about special assistance at your airport of choice is always advised. You can request assistance at your time of booking when it comes to reserving the best seats for your specific requirements too.

Accommodation – most hotels will always be able to assist with any special requirements either at time of booking or when you check in. Ensure that when you book, you take into account the need for rooms on a lower floor. Does the hotel operate an elevator and are their rooms and bathrooms suitable for your own needs? Our grandparents love the rooms at Premier Inn and always seem to manage to get a ground floor room which works perfectly for their limited mobility and not being able to walk long distances.

Dining – it can be helpful to make a list of the best food hot-spots you want to visit. You can then take a look at their websites for as much information as you can. If there is any doubt about their facilities then it is always worth giving the restaurant a call directly and asking to speak to a manager who will be able to advise you. Check the website’s gallery pages for images of their dining spaces and restaurant layout as this may help you request a preferred table or spot with enough access and space.

Hopefully this article has been useful in some way. If you have any extra tips or suggestions for us to add, we’re always keen to hear them!



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