Creating a bond with your Horse

bond with your horse

Getting a new horse can be an exciting time, but it is important to ensure that you bond with your horse as early on as possible. For anyone looking for some top tips on creating a bond with your horse then we have a few simple steps to keep in mind below.

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Learning to bond with your horse doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem at first. There are some quite simple ways that you can encourage that bond to grow right from day one of your new ownership.

Read the signals – one thing that is so important when owning a horse (especially for the first time) is that you learn how to read the signals and behaviour that your horse exhibits. Your horse will use and move its body in certain ways that you can easily understand with a little practice. Small changes in your horses movements can mean different things, for example; when your horse is scared, his ears may be pricked up and his eyes may widen. If he is relaxed, his mouth may droop more.

Be consistent – just like with children, horses need you to be firm and consistent. Speak clearly and concisely when delivering instructions, but don’t expect too much of your horse. Learn their limits and work with them to create an extra strong bond. If you ask your horse to back up for example, it’s a good idea to do it in the same way each time. He will then come to know your tone and find it easier to follow instructions. Always aim to feed your horse at consistent times too.

Time for treats – Feeding your horse treats is a great way to encourage good behaviour and strengthen your bond. Always feed your horse high-quality and healthy treats to ensure that they remain in peak physical condition. Bringing treats with you and rewarding your horse for good behaviour is a great way to encourage a positive relationship between horse and owner. All animals love affection and horses are no different!

Grooming – grooming time is a great way to bond with your horse. Horses will often groom each other and mimicking the ways they do this can help them feel at ease and relaxed. Try to think about grooming the harder to reach areas that your horse may not be able to get to himself, take your time and make this a regular part of your routine together. There are plenty of Facebook pages for horse grooming tips.

All in all, don’t forget to enjoy your time with your horse and spend as much time outdoors together as you can. Rain or shine, it’s always a great way to get some fresh air yourself and to bond with your horse. After a while you can introduce friends and family to your horse if you choose. This should help them become less nervous around other people. Always ensure that everyone is wearing the appropriate riding equipment and that you keep a close eye on younger children and you should be well on the way to a wonderful horse ownership.

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