Hosting A Spring BBQ

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

The warmer weather is finally beginning to make an appearance and we are all looking forward to sunny days in the garden with friends. This month I’m focusing on getting the garden ready for those spring BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining. So with that in mind, here are my four top tips for hosting a spring BBQ that everyone will love!

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Set the scene – The first thing to look at is setting the scene and creating a space in your garden that would be perfect for entertaining. Get some outdoor seating arranged, pick up a good gazebo and hang some twinkly lights. There’s nothing better than being able to chill out under your gazebo as the night gets colder. Some scatter cushions dotted around on the floor will also make for a great place to perch if seating is running low. Displaying your food in creative and on-trend ways will also make your outdoor space look chic and inviting. I love the idea of using marble and gold chopping boards and accessories to pull a look together.

Tasty treats – You want to make sure that your guests can nibble on snacks during the BBQ as well as eating the traditional burgers, hot-dogs and veggie alternatives. Think about making some quick and easy side dishes to leave around for people to pick at. Potato skewers, a huge bowl of Greek salad or a simple potato salad would work well. You can also dish up bowls of crisps, dips and veggies. For those with a sweet tooth you could make a selection of mini deserts that can be passed around on trays or left at a buffet table. Mini cheesecakes, flapjacks, cupcakes and fresh fruit are a great way of keeping everyone happy, no matter what their preference.

Simple BBQ Side Dishes

Drinks – the perfect drinks for your spring BBQ should be fun and refreshing. You could fill up a bucket (or a large outdoor planter) with ice and stash the usual beers and lagers. Keep it family friendly by having a varied soft drinks selection. Making your own lemonade would be an extra special way to show your guests how much thought you have put into your spring BBQ!

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Entertainment – oversized outdoor board games such as Jenga always go down well at a BBQ if you have the space. A good set of speakers and a party playlist will ensure that the mood doesn’t go ‘flat’ while your guests chill out. If you have younger children attending then a selection of outdoor toys, space hoppers, bikes and more will definitely be appreciated so that parents can relax too. Don’t forget, if you have friends who play guitar or other instruments, make sure they bring it along. It’s a great way to get everyone together and creates the perfect vibe!

All in all, as long as the atmosphere is good and the friends and family you invite get along well, you really can’t go wrong with entertaining outdoors this spring! Let us know if you try any of these tips and what advice you would add.

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