New Year New You: Breville Halo Fryer Review

Breville Halo Fryer Review
9 Ease of use
8 Looks
8 Functionality
8 Cleaning ease
9 Price

The Breville health fryer is the healthier way to fry, cook, bake, sauté and roast. The halogen heated fryer uses just one spoon full of oil. When cooking fresh chips it uses 99.5% less oil than a standard 3 litre fryer and no oil at all when cooking oven chips and frozen foods.

Breville Halo Fryer Review

We’ve been looking at some of the best ways to make healthy lifestyle changes for 2014 and helping you to become more organised in the process, both in your personal and work life. The Breville Halo healthy fryer is a great place to start if you are looking to make positive changes in the way you cook, and eat.

· Only requires a teaspoon of oil (99.5% less than a standard fryer)

· Can be used to fry, cook, bake, sauté and roast

· Built-in timer with automatic shut off option

· 1kg food capacity

Cooking with the Breville Halo  Fryer is simple. You don’t need any fancy gadgets or long tutorials, everything you need to get started is included in the box and in a few easy steps you are ready to go! We loved the fact that this made mealtimes easy and has a large enough capacity for family dinners.

You can cook a wide variety of foods in the Breville Halo Fryer, from chips, to veg, to sautéed potatoes to sausages and prawns. We opted for chips first and you can see the results in our gallery above!

The chips were delicious and came out wonderfully fresh and crispy. The only small downside we found with cooking chips was that sometimes (due to the paddle insert that turns everything as the food cooks) the chips would break up a little. This can be easily avoided by slicing them slightly thicker.

Prawns are a doddle to cook, as are sausages, and I love the fact that this handy machine eliminates the need for excess oil and grease, allowing you to enjoy some of the foods you love, without the guilt!

You can buy the Breville Halo Fryer at Argos, Asda and many more top retailers at an RRP of £119.99 making it cheaper than other brands on the market. Let us know your thoughts on our Breville Halo Fryer review below!

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