Lunch atop a BiG SH-ELF

Lunch atop a BiG SH-ELF: BiGDUG recreates iconic New York Skyscraper image with a festive twist

Passers-by in Southwark, London caught a glimpse of a rare yesterday, as a workforce of Elves climbed giant shelves in a bid to enjoy their morning break above the London skyline. The eleven strong troupe enjoyed festive lunch boxes with treats such as candy canes, as they took a break from their busiest time of year.

The stunt, which saw all eleven Elves snapped perched in a row, echoed the famous ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’ photograph, published in the New York Herald-Tribune in 1932 (and on all value print canvasses ever made, ever since).

The festive imitation turns out to be the brainchild of industrial, workplace and homeware solutions company BiGDUG, who made headlines last year when it transformed its company headquarters into the UK’s largest advent calendar.

Polly Maclennan, PR Manager at BiGDUG said:

“At BiGDUG we are well aware that we sell pretty dull products, but just because we are functional, doesn’t mean we can’t be FUN! We love the fact that we could build our shelves high enough to recreate this iconic image, lined with our very own Elves!”

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