How to stay connected with loved ones during the pandemic

Life during lockdown has been tough for all of us. From uncertainty over jobs, extra pressure placed on parents and not being able to see family and friends, it has been a challenging time.

Those of us accustomed with seeing our nearest and dearest regularly have had to find new ways to stay in touch and keep those bonds strong, while unable to see each other face to face.

Here we’ll look at how people have been managing to stay close during lockdown.

Send them gifts

If you’re fortunate enough to work in a job that has allowed you to work at home, you might have found that a drop in commuting and other costs has given you a bit more spending money.

Garden projects have surged, while online shopping has similarly soared in popularity and importance – whether treating ourselves or our family and friend to remind them that we’re thinking of them.

The uptick in deliveries has certainly been felt by companies working hard to keep things moving.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Parcel2Go has seen an incredible surge in demand,” Ashley Taylor, Parcel2Go’s Head of Commercial said. “As consumers have been home-bound, there has been a surge in online purchases via retailers and marketplaces, as well as people sending items to loved ones.”

Use technology to connect

Had you heard of Zoom before lockdown? OK, maybe you were ahead of the curve – but not everyone else was! From around 10 million daily users in December, the video-calling platform has now surpassed 300 million users daily.

Quizzes, virtual pubs, work meetings, television interviews, and so much more have now become synonymous with the platform – even the UK Government used it to hold virtual cabinet meetings.

Ditching text messages for quick video chats is another way to keep in touch in a more personal way while still unable to meet up.

Netflix has also surged in popularity during lockdown and you can now host a movie night across several houses by syncing your favourite shows and movies to watch all together!

Stay fit together

You know what they say about healthy body and healthy mind! Taking online classes together is a great way to stay fit.

Maybe you can tune in to an online yoga class together or go for a virtual HIIT session if you want the blood to pump that bit harder!

If you have the knowledge and expertise, you could even host a fitness class for your family and friends over a video call. Meanwhile, fitness-tracking app Strava is another platform that has found success in these times, helping fitness fanatics to stay connected while taking their daily exercise.


How have you stayed in touch with your loved ones during lockdown?

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