How To Make A Pimm’s Cocktail For Those Lazy Summer Days

how to make a pimm's cocktail

How To Make A Pimm’s Cocktail For Those Lazy Summer Days – Oh my goodness, I am absolutely loving this heatwave we’ve been having lately, but does anyone else think that the UK just isn’t always designed for hot weather? We don’t have air-con and the humidity levels are doing some very crazy things to my hair (think ‘Monica from friends’ and you get the idea) however, what better excuse for us all to spend time in the garden with friends and family than a mini heatwave?!

If you are looking for some food and drink options for your upcoming events, BBQ’s or picnics, our food column has some new and exciting content you’ll be sure to love! This week we’ve also teamed up with the lovely folk at Pimm’s who sent us everything we need to try out their ‘Pimm’s Spritz’ cocktail.

How To Make A Pimm’s Cocktail For Those Lazy Summer Days

Pimm’s have created a fantastic new summer cocktail – The Pimm’s Spritz – the elegant cocktail favoured for its flavour and simplicity. The cocktail is made up of the classic Pimm’s gin cup, paired with sparkling wine, lemonade and a mint and cucumber garnish. Perfect for special occasions, a barbecue or an al fresco dinner, it’s a modern twist on the classic Pimm’s serve.

how to make a pimm's cocktail

Want to know how to make a Pimm’s cocktail that will keep everyone refreshed? Then take a look at the ingredients below!

You will need:

Pimm’s No.1 (50ml)
Lemonade (75ml)
Topped up with sparkling wine
3 x cucumber slices
1 x spring of mint
Served in a Copa glass

As you can see, I had a crack at making a big jug of this last night and it was amazing! Big thanks to Pimm’s for sending the ingredients across. Head to for more info!

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pimms cocktail

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