How to Switch Up Your Style by Embracing Your Heritage

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We’ve all seen opening ceremonies of sporting and cultural events which display a country’s traditional dress. They are beautiful clothes, but impractical for everyday wear, which is why, if you want to show your pride for your country of origin through clothes, you are better seeking a modern twist. Here are some ideas of ways to embrace your heritage and stay on trend. If your country of origin isn’t mentioned below, be creative with ways you can link your family history to your outfit of the day.

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With tartan enjoying a resurgence on the high street it’s the perfect time to celebrate any Scottish ancestors. Tartan looks great teamed with the slim cut of cigarette trousers or opt for a miniskirt as a modern take on a traditional kilt. It’s no surprise designers have been taking inspiration from tartan for many years. Research the colours of your clan for a more personal touch.


If you have connections to the Emerald Isle, Irish cardigans are a stylish classic. Warm and cosy with Aran stitches to convey the Celtic connection, choose Irish-style cardigans from a Dublin-based stockist such as The Sweater Shop. Based in Dublin, the family-run company have been providing quality items to customers all around the globe since the 1980s so you can be assured of excellent customer service.


As a nation known for rugby, the soft, red flannel of the national team’s kit has long been a fashion classic for males and females alike. With the football team having recently qualified for their first World Cup since 1958, why not support them rather than the egg-chasers by sporting an official Cymru football kit?


The romance of the flamenco style is easy to adapt by choosing a dress with layers and ruffles. Perfect for holidays in the sun and warm summer nights. Reds, yellows, and blacks are colours traditionally associated with the country due to their prominence on the national flag but opt for soft pastels if you want a more subtle nod to your Spanish heritage.


The striped t-shirts synonymous with French style are always popular with the nautical look remaining a staple for spring and summer wear year after year. Great paired with shorts, jeans, or pedal pushers, it’s easy to see why! If you are looking for an alternative take a leap back to the 1980s with a beret to bring a touch of traditional French class to your wardrobe.

African Nations

Bold prints and colours are a great way to reference your African heritage. Each colour has its own symbolism so you can dress to match your emotions – black is for power, grey for stability and security, green for life and healing, white for purity, and light and yellow for warmth and joy. Purple is the colour of passion and luxury, so ideal for a special occasion.

Whatever your heritage, enjoy making subtle references to it through your clothing choices. Wear your family history with pride!

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