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Using kindle in the garden

With the summer weather desperately trying to make an appearance, we are all turning our thoughts towards summer holidays, trips and fun-filled vacations. We have been looking at some of the best travel gear in preparation for our trip to NYC this summer and have put the Amazon Kindle through its paces!

First of all, let’s talk price. The Amazon Kindle is super affordable, especially if you go for the original version.

We road-tested the Kindle Glare Free Touch Screen in Black and were really impressed. At £59.99 this is a budget friendly and light-weight option that would be ideal for tucking into your hand-luggage to use on the plane or on the beach!


Whether you decide to pack it for your travels or use it at home, this is a real ‘must have’ for summer. Reading in the garden with this during the sunny weather was an absolute joy, and even my teenage daughter seems to have taken a shine to the Kindle and took advantage of some time away from doing homework by relaxing in the sun.

Using kindle in the garden

Or if you want to opt for a newer model of Kindle then Amazon have recently launched the brand new Kindle Oasis (£269.99) – the thinnest and lightest Kindle ever with an innovative charging cover that delivers months of battery life. Unlike any Kindle you’ve ever held, Kindle Oasis is 30% thinner on average and 20% lighter than any other Kindle. It features the latest generation high-resolution Paperwhite display and has a redesigned built-in front light which features 60% more LEDs for the brightest Kindle display.

kindle oasis

How it works:

1. Designed for comfortable and extended reading

The Kindle Oasis has an entirely reimagined shape which shifts the centre of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book making it feel balanced for one-handed reading.

2. Dual-battery design delivers months of battery life – the longest ever

Using a new dual-battery system, as soon as you connect the cover to Kindle Oasis, the battery in the cover begins recharging it automatically delivering months of battery life without having to plug in.

3. All the features readers love about the Kindle

You don’t have to miss out on any of your favourite features either. Enjoy more than a million books, newspapers and magazines, more than 1,000,000 Kindle Exclusives and, if that’s not enough, Kindle Unlimited for just £7.99 a month giving you unlimited access to over a million titles and thousands of audiobooks.

Get the Kindle Oasis here: priced at £269.99.

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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