How to Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause changes to your body such as sagging skin and excess weight. While these things can often improve over time as your body heals and as you follow a healthy lifestyle, your body may not be the same as before.

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If this is currently causing problems for your self-esteem or you’re worried about how you will change after possible pregnancies in the future, then read on to find out how you can regain your pre-pregnancy figure safely and effectively.

Plastic surgery:

If you’ve tried other options and they haven’t worked out for you, you may want to consider plastic surgery to regain your past body shape. At hospitals such as Cadogan Clinic, you can undergo abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, to remove the excess skin on your abdomen from pregnancy and tighten your abdominal muscles to create a flatter stomach. With abdominoplasty surgery at Cadogan Clinic, you could achieve better results than exercise alone as the abdominal muscles can be stretched and torn during pregnancy, meaning that they cannot be corrected through exercise and would need to be repaired through surgery if you’d like to return to your pre-pregnancy figure. 


You could also opt for the full ‘mummy makeover’ if there are several things you’d like to target, such as excess skin on the stomach and loss of breast volume. The procedures you could have in this ‘mummy makeover’ include abdominoplasty, breast lift, breast augmentation, butt lift, and liposuction. 



A good exercise routine could go a long way towards strengthening your stomach muscles and helping you regain your pre-pregnancy body. Make sure to take things easy as your body heals in the first few days or weeks after childbirth and then start with light exercises at first, such as pelvic floor exercises and going for walks. Then, you can gradually start to build up the intensity and try things like strength training. 


Healthy diet:

A healthy diet is a perfect accompaniment to an exercise regime. Look after yourself by eating the right foods and you’ll see your body gradually return to its previous shape. Eating healthily is also very important because you will be able to pass on good habits to your child or children.



Eating healthily is also important for breastfeeding if you choose to breastfeed your child. Of course, some mothers may struggle with breastfeeding and switch to formula, but if you do breastfeed your child, one of the benefits can be faster weight loss after pregnancy as breastfeeding burns a lot of calories. There has been evidence to suggest that breastfeeding can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body more quickly through this weight loss.


Whatever methods you choose to help you regain your pre-pregnancy figure, remember that this can take time and you should be careful not to go on crash diets or try intense exercises too soon after childbirth. By following this advice, you can get back to your previous shape and build up your confidence safely over time.

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