2022 is the year for adrenaline-filled hobbies

Are you a secret adrenaline junkie?

Do you enjoy the rush of fear and excitement from being high up, or taking part in a death-defying challenge? Do you get a thrill and a swoop in your stomach when someone mentions jumping from a plane or rock climbing? If the answer is yes, then you could be a secret adrenaline junkie. But what is adrenaline? 

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Adrenaline is associated with 2 hormones that are released into your body, generally when you are going into the ‘fight or flight’ mode. These hormones can make you either excited and fearless when facing a challenging situation, or they can make you turn and run in the opposite direction. Those who are considered to be adrenaline junkies looking for the challenges and hobbies that give them the release of this hormone and make a challenge exciting and fun to complete. So how do you go out and find these hobbies if you are looking for adrenaline-filled activities? We have put together a list of great adrenaline hobbies that could help you get your fix. 

Hobbies that could satisfy your adrenaline needs this year! 

Here is a list of the top five adrenaline-filled hobbies that you could experience in 2022: 

Swimming with sharks

Nothing shouts a fight or flight mode more than climbing into a tank and being plunged into the depths of a shark home. Make sure you are choosing a reputable company if you decide you would quite like to swim with sharks, or it could be the last time you do it! 

Bungee jumping 

Bungee jumping is becoming an ever-more popular pastime for thrill-seekers! Being strapped to a platform and jumping off the edge with just a rope to bring you back up is sure to get your adrenaline going!


Why fly in a plane when you can jump out of one? This is a hobby that requires some skill but with practice and a good instructor, you will soon find you have a knack for this addictive hobby!


Getting shot at whilst trying to navigate your way to a checkpoint? What could be more fun? Get yourself some paintball supplies and join one of the many events in the UK to play against like-minded people. 


This is an activity that the whole family can join in with. Head on down to the south coast and hire a surfboard for the day. Ride the waves and fall in often until you are sure you are going to have a great night’s sleep. 

Getting your adrenaline fix safely whilst having fun

It goes without saying that any hobby you decide to start should be done so safely and in a way that only impacts your health positively. There have been studies into adrenaline becoming an addiction and this can be dangerous to both your physical and mental health. If you feel as though you are becoming addicted to your hobby that’s gone beyond a healthy pastime, speak to your doctor. 

Having a hobby that is healthy and challenging can be great for your physical and mental health when undertaken in moderation. Getting fresh air, releasing positive endorphins and exercising your brain and body lead to you feeling fitter and happier. Whichever hobby you decide to start this year, we hope you have a great and healthy time learning a new skill! 

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