5 Stunning Summer Style Essentials

With summer weather finally upon us, we are all looking for those perfect accessories and style pieces to stand out from the crowd. This month we’ve got five fantastic picks for you, that are high-quality and definitely worth investing in.

Essen the label

Luxury footwear label ESSĒN THE LABEL, believes that shoes are the foundation of a well curated wardrobe and the bases of a great outfit. Following on from the huge success of The Foundation Flats, the brand has now launched an updated version in the form of sustainable slip-on loafers named The Modern Moccasin.

Uncompromising quality is central to ESSEN and The Modern Moccasin effortlessly blends form and function. Designed for everyday wear, these understated slip-on loafers in a classic black, beige and brown hue are cut, sewn and crafted by hand and have an elegant square toe for chic simplicity. Mindfully made from luxurious Italian leather, they’re set on a discreet 10mm heel for just the right amount of lift. Available here: https://essenthelabel.com

Aurum by Guðbjörg IÐUNN Collection

Goldsmith and designer Guðbjörg once again turns to Iceland’s myths and legends as well as the country’s flora and fauna for the inspiration which shapes her unique designs. At this enchanting time of year in Iceland, the flowers are ready to blossom to show their inner beauty and the daylight grows longer after the dark winter. The designs capture perfectly the sense of both the strength and fragility of these new blooms, thanks to Aurum’s expert craftsmen who transform recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled gold into precious pieces.

The collection is named Iðunn, who In Norse mythology was the goddess of spring, youth, and rejuvenation. She is the keeper of magical apples of immortality. The apples grant all the gods eternal youth and are Iðunn’s greatest symbol.  The new IÐUNN collection represents both the goddess and spring. The warm wind in fields where white cotton grasses grow.

This stunning bracelet is one of our absolute favourites for summer wear. The jewellery has been worn by leading names from music and film worlds including Bjork, and British actresses Gemma Whelan and Jodie Whittaker. Discover the new collection online at www.aurumiceland.com

Hunter Bloom

When algae blooms grow in excess, they can be harmful to ecosystems by releasing toxins, consuming oxygen and blocking sunlight from underwater plants. The algae in the material used to create the Bloom Foam Slide and Bloom Foam Sandal was sourced using a process that cleans up natural waterways whilst saving water and reducing CO2 emissions – in partnership with Bloom Materials. These sandals are fun, bold and stylish, making them one of our top summer footwear picks. Women’s Algae Bloom Marble Sandal – £55. Unisex Bloom Algae Foam Marble Slide –  £40. hunterboots.com

Skagen jewellery

Inspired by the Danish coastlines, Skagen’s latest jewellery collection emulates the beauty of the soothing, serene seaside of its namesake. Partnering with CLED, the earrings are the brand’s first-ever sustainable accessories, crafted from recycled materials such as broken glass bottles to create colourful beaded pieces that are to be treasured forever. Priced at £119 these earrings would be beautiful for summer beach wear. Available from: https://www.skagen.com/en-gb

Bardot Midaxi Dress

Add this red floral maxi dress to your summer wardrobe. It features shirred upper fabric, a bardot neckline, short sleeves and two side splits on the hem. Style with sandals or trainers for an everyday look for the warmer weather. Priced at £33.99. As featured in our summer fashion article here.

What summer accessories and fashion faves will you be wearing this month? Let us know over on Instagram @lifestylelinked or in the comments below.

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