How To Give Your Home A Futuristic Feel To It


Lots of elements of home design, revolve around evoking classic styles and designs that have been time tested over generations, but now more designers are looking to make homes of the future. Over the past 10 years technology has greatly improved and whilst in 2010, we likely thought smart homes to be a ridiculous novelty, now in 2020 smart homes are a regular sight and almost everyone owns at least 1 smart device.

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So, with all this easy access to amazing technology and a desire to lay blue prints for the future of interior design, how can you make your home feel like the home of tomorrow?

  1. Minimalist Design

One of the main parts of futuristic interior design is how clean everything looks, when thinking of a futuristic home you likely imagine open clear rooms in hues of white that make great use of the space in rooms, by toning back ‘loud’ design elements you can strip a room back to look sleek and futuristic.

In minimalist terms, you’ll want to cut out unnecessary design feature out from your home and leave a sleek, stylish and futuristic space for you to occupy, this doesn’t mean your home must be clear of personal items, but you need a strong commitment to keeping your design muted to maintain the futuristic minimalist look.

  1. Integrated Household

When you think about ‘the home of the future’ you likely imagine it with devices connected around the home and technology helping the home fill out. Well you can achieve this with the fruits of modern smart home technology. By simply investing into a smart speaker like and Alexa or Google home, you open up a world of connective possibilities.

With a smart speaker you can control your lighting, the heating, electric blinds, your TV and so much more. But once you get rolling with smart gadgets you’ll soon find that you can connect everything from the bins to the kitchen sink, allowing you complete control over your home, no matter what room you’re in.

  1. Hidden Space

As we mentioned, to really get the futuristic look, you’ll need to commit to minimalism and finding hidden space will really allow you to commit to the minimalistic philosophy and hide anything that would take away from the look.

Examples of hidden space would be having a TV that retracts into furniture in your home, hidden storage in walls or the floor and sliding doors that can cut rooms into half. All of these will help segment your home and allow you to have functional storage etc, without breaking too far away from the minimalist base of your design.

  1. Strong Lighting

Another aspect of futurism in home design is strong and imaginative lighting, if you’re looking to pull off the futurism look, you’ll want lots of strong lighting in your home that uses LED bulbs for maximum effect, for your ceiling lights, you’ll want to find unique fixings that wouldn’t look out of place on a spaceship.

Then once you’ve got your top down lighting sorted out, it’s time to look into the other areas you can add lighting in, like the floor, using some LED light strips along the edge of a room and any furniture in your room will give a nice futuristic look and provide excellent lighting, then you need to consider lamps and other lights, really to fit the theme you’ll want to look for any unique or overly modern lamps for your home.


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