Stylish Bedroom Decor Picks For Autumn

Stylish Bedroom

Given my current obsession with all things autumnal, it was only a matter of time until I decided to slowly start re-vamping every room in my house to fully embrace this theme. The bedroom was just screaming out for some serious updating and needed the addition of some new accessories to give it a little more identity.

Stylish bedroom decor with an autumnal twist was my goal for this room. I mostly write from my home office downstairs in the conservatory – largely because it is bright and airy for taking product photography and this plays a huge role in my job. But as the weather turns colder, the temperature in there drops, so I knew that I’d also end up spending a lot of time writing from my mini workspace in my bedroom instead. This means that I needed somewhere warm and inviting that is suitable for both work and relaxation. It also means me spending a considerable amount of time resisting the urge to just climb into bed and sleep when I should be writing….

simba mattress review

The first thing to get a makeover was the bed. Suffering from various autoimmune diseases means that my sleep is often very disturbed. Our old mattress wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, so when the lovely folk over at Simba got in touch and asked if I would like to review one of their mattresses I was just a teeny bit excited. You can read the whole article with my thoughts on this mattress in a full feature later this week, but until then let me just say that this is hands-down the best mattress I have ever had. I’m not even exaggerating. My quality of sleep has dramatically improved and even my husband (who suffers with back problems) has been seriously impressed. Stay tuned for more info on this one as it definitely needs its own dedicated review.

Stylish Bedroom

The first thing I knew I wanted to style the bed with were some big, soft and fluffy cushions. I love how cosy these can immediately make a room feel and when it comes to home decor, soft and luxurious textures are just as important as the style of the products you use. The two white faux fur cushions were around £20 each from Homesense. I also picked up this smaller sized cushion to place in front of the two large ones. As soon as my husband and daughter saw me pick this up, they knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it. My love of anything adorned with stars, moons and celestial themed decor truly knows no bounds!

stylish brown throw image

Next up was a cosy throw. I wanted something to lay across the end of the bed, just to brighten the room up. I fell in love with the gorgeous chocolate and burnt orange tones of this Alpaca wool blanket from TX Maxx. It looks great folded up along just the lower half of the bed. It is pretty large though so I think you could also get away with using it as a full bedspread if you wanted. I can see me dragging this downstairs from time to time to snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie! Priced at £29.99.

stylish home

TX Maxx and Homesense are both absolutely crammed full of Halloween themed items right now. Given that I wanted stylish bedroom decor with an autumnal twist, I was actually quite pleased to have stumbled across these two gorgeous frosted glass candles in my local Bristol TK Maxx store. In this image you can also see my copper and marble jewellery stand that I picked up from Oliver Bonas and some fabric flowers in a mottled gold glass vase from Homesense. All are little key pieces that help tie this whole look together.

Stylish Bedroom

The ‘Balsam’ candle is huge and really weighty. I love how these two look gorgeously spooky, without appearing tacky or cheap. Priced at around £5.99 each they were also an absolute bargain! I love the addition of the gold foil effect to the typography on these. It really does make all the difference. Hopefully they keep these in stock for a little while as they are such a fab find.

autumn home decor

I finished the room off with lots of little trinkets and ornaments in my autumn theme and colours. You can’t quite see from the above image, but this tea-light holder has a gorgeous painted copper underside that just about peeks through when displayed on a shelf. So lovely!

candle holders

This autumn leaves tea-light holder set was from TX Maxx and the wooden tray is actually a bathroom item from Homesense but I loved how they both looked together on my bedroom bookcase.


I also posted on Instagram about some beautiful autumnal flowers that my husband picked up from Tesco. These look perfect mixed in with all of the other bits and bobs dotted around! The glass skull is just an empty Crystal Head Vodka bottle that I think looks far too awesome to part with.

I hope you’ve picked up some stylish bedroom decor inspiration for the autumnal months? If you have any questions about items, prices or anything else please do leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer anything.

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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