The Top Home Improvements To Consider Before Winter

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As winter is fast approaching we can often forget to start preparing our home while the weather is still sunny and bright. Now is the perfect time to tie up any loose ends around the home and garden and to finally do those pesky jobs you have been putting off. Take a look below for a few ideas to get you started. You can also view our home renovation post for more tips!

Checking guttering and drains – checking your guttering and drains surrounding your property is something you can either do yourself or hire a company to do for you. Making sure that the gutters are clean and free of moss, leaves and debris that can build up over the summer months will set you in good stead when it comes to the rain and winds of autumn and winter. Blocked guttering can lead to water penetrating the brickwork of your house as the rain water is forced out of the sides and onto your walls.

Boilers, draught excluders and warm soft furnishings – why wait until it gets colder to start thinking about how to keep warm this winter? You can arrange to have your boiler checked or serviced if you suspect there may be any problems in the near future. If all is OK on that front then it’s time to think about blocking those draughty areas of your home where heat may escape. Identifying these now and buying items such as draught excluders and curtain linings will get you ahead of the game when the cold weather comes. There are plenty of decorative warm blankets, throws and pillows to be found if you want to create some stylish and practical autumn home decor too.

Damp proofing and air vents – we learnt the hard way that older properties need a lot of work when it comes to keeping the elements at bay. If like us, you find yourself needing to do some major work then damp treatment can protect your property and it doesn’t have to cost the earth when done correctly and before things get too bad.

Re-painting kitchens and bathrooms – condensation season is almost upon us so it is important to make sure you have extractor fans and good ventilation around the home. Consider giving your bathroom a fresh lick of mould resistant paint, especially if you live in an older property.

Pointing – gaps in badly pointed buildings can mean that you lose heat and that wind and rain will penetrate your brickwork. It is worth having a quick check around the exterior of your home to ensure that your pointing is up to scratch while the weather is still warm enough for the work to be done without too much major hassle.

Doors and windows – if you have been thinking about replacing doors and windows this should definitely be done before the cold weather sets in. Depending on your budget there are some seriously stylish options available. You can follow my Victorian home decor Pinterest board for inspiration!

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