Creating A Cosy Kids Bedroom This Autumn

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As the days turn dark and gloomy and the nights become colder it is important to create a warm and cosy sleeping environment for all members of the household. Kids can often find it difficult to sleep and although the darker nights mean earlier to bed, howling winds and rain can sometimes be frightening for little ones. Creating a space where your children feel safe, happy and cosy is key to ensuring an undisturbed sleep during autumn and winter. If you are struggling for some inspiration on creating a cosy kids bedroom then you may find some handy hints below.

Soft and cosy bedding for the sweetest dreams – as soon as the weather starts to get colder it is important to check your children’s bedding and the thickness of their duvet. Do they need a thicker duvet now that the colder months have set in? It is also an ideal time to switch out any old duvet covers for something fresh, soft and inviting. You could look at autumnal colours to create a seasonal theme throughout the room or perhaps find a duvet set featuring a character your child loves. This is also the perfect time for washing duvets and replacing pillows after a summer of sweaty sleeping.

Perfectly positioned beds – now is the perfect time to look at the sleeping arrangements of your child. Are they ready for a bigger bed? You can always compare mid sleeper beds at Children’s Bed Shop to find something that perfectly suits the needs of your child. Sometimes having a furniture switch around can make the room feel like a new and exciting place for your children to want to escape to in the evenings. Perhaps just re-positioning the bed (moving it away from any draughty windows or doors) could be a great idea.

Lighting and ambience – it isn’t just us grown-ups who enjoy setting the mood with lighting. Children respond well to different lighting for different circumstances. Sometimes a night light may be beneficial. Another option may be to leave a landing light on so that just enough light creeps into the room to reassure younger ones who may be scared of the dark.

Reading nooks for curious minds – to encourage your child to head up to bed and start the night-time routine you could look at creating a dedicated comfy area or ‘reading nook’ you can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest for designs that look beautiful whilst being practical too.

Artwork to inspire – consider brightening up your children’s walls with seasonal artwork. This could be pictures they have made for themselves at home or playgroup or designs that you have purchased from artists. There are even some printable designs that you can download and print at home to whichever size you need to fit any desired space. These are becoming very popular as a convenient and simple solution.

Flooring for little feet – little feet can be sensitive to cold and uneven surfaces. Think about adding some fluffy rugs or soft carpets to your kids bedroom this autumn so that they feel totally pampered the minute their feet touch the ground.

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