Green & Black launches its new intensity Scale as part of new pack re-design

Green & Black Intensity scale

Green & Black’s, the premium chocolate brand, has announced the launch of its new Intensity Scale as part of the pack re-design. The Intensity Scale, located on the front of pack, invites people to discover which Green & Black’s Organic bars are best suited to their individual taste preference, to create moments of delicious enjoyment.

Developed alongside taste experts including Brandt Maybury, Green & Black’s Taste Ambassador, the Intensity Scale was created to bring to life each bar’s unique balance of delicious taste cues. The scale measures three attributes with a variety of different characteristics that determine the intensity of chocolate and subsequently affect peoples’ chocolate preference. These attributes cover the degree of cocoa, levels of sweetness and the overall flavour intensity.

From White to Dark 85%, the Intensity Scale invites people to journey through the many different flavours of Green & Black’s chocolate. Each bar in the Organic range is rated from one to ten on the Intensity Scale, whereby the higher the number, the higher the intensity. Using each bar’s varying degrees of cocoa, sweetness and flavour intensity, the scale helps people navigate through the many ways of Green & Black’s Organic range, guiding them to the perfect flavour which meets their individual taste preference

Using insights from the Intensity Scale, Green & Black’s has collaborated with Cook, Bestselling Author and Fairtrade Ambassador, Melissa Hemsley, to create a list of expertly, handpicked meals that pair well with the flavours of the Green & Black’s Organic range. Each pairing provides a unique tasting experience for you to enjoy Green & Black’s chocolate as a delicious treat to unwind in the evening.

Green & Black’s Taste Ambassador Brandt Maybury, has also created drinks pairings that complement and hero the unique taste cues within each bar, and showcase its level on the Intensity Scale. Why not try Organic White chocolate with Gin over Ice or Organic Milk Sea Salt with Cold Brew Salted Caramel Latte.

Melissa Hemsley, Cook, Bestselling Author and Fairtrade Ambassador said:

“As a double decade long devourer of their delicious chocolates, I’m excited to be working with Green & Black’s. Being myself both a Fairtrade ambassador and a champion of organic and sustainable food and farming, I’m a big fan of not just delicious food but also knowing where it’s come from and how it’s made. As part of my role working with Green & Black’s, I’ve really enjoyed getting lost in the world of chocolate flavours and intensities; warming spices, fruity notes, salty hits, and chilli kicks, and the playfulness around coming up with chocolate pairings. When it comes to chocolate, I believe there is no inherently “wrong” flavour pairing because it’s down to each of us with our individual unique tastes to know what hits the spot for us. The new Intensity Scale is a great chance to explore our taste palates, have some fun with it and discover the different flavours in the Organic range”.

Since its founding, Green & Black’s has been committed to creating high quality, delicious chocolate that is a treat for the senses. From the launch of the UK’s first Organic chocolate on the market, to the new Intensity Scale, simple ingredients, organic and sustainable flavours have always been at the heart of the brand.

Brandt Maybury, Green & Black’s Taste Ambassador said:

Many people know and love Green & Black’s for the intense, rich character of our dark chocolate which we first launched back on 1991. However, we know that many other people are wary and think that all of our chocolate is very intense and bitter-sweet, when in actual fact we have a wide variety of chocolates and other ingredients which span a broad spectrum of intensity. So, we created the intensity scale to help guide people and allow them to find a bar that matches their current taste and preference when it comes to intensity. Whether you love the creamy, sweet character of our vanilla-rich White chocolate, or the indulgent, buttery nature of our milk chocolate Butterscotch bar, there’s definitely a favourite for everyone in our range, not just the Dark 70% and 85% lovers”.


Green & Black’s Intensity Scale will feature on the new packaging of Green & Black’s Organic bars, available in stores nationwide now.

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