Gift Idea: Rocknife – For The Foodie In Your Life


Christmas is quickly approaching and if your anything like us you are probably running out of ideas and time, Dad is not too hard to buy for, just wrap up a Toblerone and a pair of slippers and he’s done, Mum? well those nice smellies she was banging on about last month will make her happy, but what about that foodie in your life??

Everyone loves to cook but the preparation time is a real pain – having to cut up all those veggies, meat etc but with the fantastic range of Ceramic knives from Rocknife its a breeze.

Man became man when he discovered how to sharpen rocks to help him cut, dig, defend and utilise the world around him. The Stone Age was born and man ruled the world, it was a matter of time before man made fire, and then was able to make Bronze, a mixture of Tin and Iron, the dawn of knives had arrived.

Yet for the next few millennia man continued using first Bronze, then Iron and finally Steel for their knives. None were perfect, they snapped, rusted, needed regular sharpening, left their mark on anything they cut, smell, tastes and even residue, but science and technology was catching up.

Rock in the form of Zirconium Oxide or ceramic returned, if you’ve broken a plate you’ll know what we mean, the sharp edge is legendary. Using state of the art manufacturing processes that include the pressing and hardening of Ceramic to 400 tons per inch has lead to a material that reaches 6 or higher on the Mohs scale. It’s not Diamond, but ceramic is much closer than Steel.

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