The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home and Garden

spring cleaning

With summer on the way, there’s no better time to start spring cleaning your home and garden. This month I’m thrilled to have become a Bosch official ambassador for 2019. As part of this I’ll be reviewing some of the latest gadgets and gizmos to help make life easier and to get your home and outdoor areas ready for the warmer weather.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: AD: this post contains paid for advertorial and is in collaboration with BOSCH. All opinions are our own. Contains gifted press samples.

As you may already know (because I’ve mentioned it million times recently) we are currently renovating and decorating our Victorian terrace house here in Somerset. We still have a long way to go but things are starting to take shape. During the next few months I’m keen to start getting rid of any clutter and making the house clean and tidy for the painting and accessorising that we have planned. If like me, you’re also feeling the urge to spring clean, here are a few of my top tips for where to start…

spring cleaning


Decluttering – the best place I find to start is to remove any of the clutter from around the home. It is so refreshing when you can see each room as more of a ‘blank canvas’ and so helpful for our mental health as well as how the home looks afterwards. I’m not really one to hoard items but every now and then I do love to go have a really good sort out of cupboards, shelves and any storage areas. Having a home for everything makes it so much easier to tidy up quickly and easily each day too.

A great place to start is your wardrobe. If you are short on space then vacuum packing your winter clothes and storing them in the attic will create extra storage space and allow you to see the clothes and shoes you have for this season.

Selling or donating any unwanted home decor items is also surprisingly therapeutic. Especially if you are looking to style your home in a different way for summer.

Cleaning – Now is the perfect time to start cleaning the house. A great place to start is by washing your curtains, net curtains and soft furnishings. Giving them a bit of a refresh will make each room look and smell lovely and fresh!

Cleaning the kitchen cupboards, taking everything out and completely reorganising in the process is also an essential part of any spring clean. I would highly recommend getting yourself some storage jars and a good label maker to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

spring cleaning

An amazing way to really ensure that your home looks its very best is to clean your windows – inside and out. The Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vacuum is the perfect tool for the job. The first cordless window vacuum from Bosch, is the ideal tool to help you conquer your spring-cleaning list. Clean windows, indoors and outdoors, glass surfaces, tiles, mirrors, shower cubicles and vacuum away condensation and spilled liquids.

spring cleaning

The cordless window vacuum is portable, light and boasts an exceptionally compact design. At a height of only 222 mm, the GlassVAC cleans surfaces quickly, with no annoying squeaking sounds or streaks left behind.

spring cleaning

If you have a shower cubicle in your bathroom I would highly recommend using this as it has worked wonders on ours. Cleaning the shower can be such a pain but with the help of this tool it is an absolute breeze.

The garden – a good spring clean isn’t just about taking care of the indoors. With summer on the way it’s the time of year when we are all looking to freshen up the garden and patio areas. The Bosch Fontus Cordless Pressure Cleaner (RRP £269.99) is the first cordless pressure cleaner from Bosch Home and Garden. The ideal product to help you conquer your task list. From cleaning rubbish bins and muddy boots, to washing your dog and bicycles, the Fontus can do it all.

spring cleaning

For ultimate flexibility, the Fontus features four spray patterns and three pressure settings, providing you with a total of 12 cleaning variants. It also comes with a SmartBrush, perfect for cleaning windows and bikes with ease. It attaches directly to the gun, allowing full use of the different pressure modes and spray patterns when in use.

spring cleaning

You can even take your cleaning further afield with the Fontus thanks to its powerful 18-volt battery and the product’s portability, enabling its use in any location for up to 60 minutes. Its water tank can contain up to 15 litres and can be filled with rainwater or river water due to its removable filter. It also comes with an extra handle at the base of the unit, making the product easy to transport and load into a car.

spring cleaning

I’ll be reviewing the Bosch Fontus in full soon and showing you what it can do in all its glory but for now, hopefully this gives you some inspiration for any spring cleaning plans you might have this weekend?

Don’t forget to comment below or leave me a message on Instagram @lifestylelinked which your own spring cleaning tips and what you’ve been up to! A big thank you again to Bosch for asking me to become an official ambassador for 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come soon.

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