Creating The Ultimate Sunday Evening Pamper Session: Our Top Tips

Temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting darker. These winter months can be challenging for many, with people battling symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Some might have a routine or changes they make in their lifestyle to help combat SAD. One of these ways could be by ensuring they do a self-care routine at least once a week.

One of the most common times people will complete a self-care routine is on a Sunday evening. Are you looking to create the ultimate Sunday evening pamper session this winter? Keep reading to find out our top tips.

Oils And Masks At The Ready

Line up your bathroom counter, or bedroom dresser, with some of your favourite hair oils and masks, and lotions and creams for your face and body. Whilst in the bath, you might add a hair mask to your hair that you don’t wash out until you have finished. Post-hair mask treatment, consider adding an organic hair oil for the end of your hair to keep them nourished. Look for organic hair oils, like the one from Fushi Wellbeing. A few drops of it will be a treat for your hair, leaving it looking and feeling thicker.

After you step out of your long soak in the bath, or the shower, lather yourself in your favourite body creams and oils. To further extend your pamper session, you might put on a face mask and a foot mask whilst you read a book or watch a film.

Scents Are Essential

To help you fully relax, treat all of your senses with calming, relaxing aromas. This could be in the salts you use for a bath or the candles you have lighting up the bathroom. Lavender, chamomile, rose and geranium are a few calming scents you might use. These can be oil diffusers, room diffusers, room sprays and, of course, candles.

If you choose to curl up in bed with your favourite film on the television, you can still have a candle or two lit in your room. The warm flickering glow creates the calming atmosphere you are calming atmosphere you have trying to achieve.

Have A Treat

Pampering yourself might seem like a treat, but why not have a glass of your favourite tipple or some of your favourite snacks close by whilst soaking your troubles away in the bath? As mentioned, you might do a facemask after a relaxing bath or shower. When doing a beauty regime, consider using some of your more luxurious products.

Doing a beauty regime could help reduce your stress and anxiety levels, which might be one of your ultimate Sunday evening pamper session goals. Treat your body and skin as you settle down for the evening with your favourite snack and tipple.

As another week draws to an end and the Sunday evening blues start creeping in, begin the process of your pamper evening session. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to help you relax and prepare for the ultimate Sunday evening pamper session. You don’t have to limit it to just the wintertime; it can be the routine you follow throughout the year, regardless of the season. It could help you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated – just what you need for a new week ahead!

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