Reasons to use an oil filled radiator this winter

oil filled radiator

We are all dreaming of warmer days, but the harsh reality is that we still have at least a couple of winter months left. With possible snow on the way too, we have been looking at ways to ensure that our high-ceiling Victorian home stays warm. I have been updating and renovating the house during the past year and have found that although having a really good boiler and central heating is great, there are still certain areas of the home that feel a little bit chilly.

One particular area of our house that is always cold is the entrance porch and the hallway. We had been looking for ways to add some extra heat into this area and my mum recommended using an oil filled radiator. I’ve found some stylish oil filled radiator designs on At Home Comforts by Jack Stonehouse recently that prove that you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to looks and making the most of the extra warmth that they generate.

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We’ve recently found this to be a cost effective and handy way to provide additional heat to the home. The one we have is actually on wheels so that you can move it to different areas. We use this downstairs and place it in whichever room needs a little extra heat. We’ve even been bringing it into the dining room from time to time when we want to create an extra warm and cosy feel to the room when we have guests staying for dinner. This with some warm toned fairy lights and strategically placed lamps, creates a lovely relaxing and inviting vibe. Take a look at my Pinterest boards for the home decor I’m currently loving!

Oil filled radiators can get quite hot so one thing you do need to ensure is that you don’t leave them in damp rooms and to place them slightly away from the walls. If you have younger children or pets, keep them safe by ensuring they are well placed.

My next project will be converting my home office. I’ve spotted some great radiators that look super stylish! If you are working from home all day, having a small portable radiator is much more cost effective than leaving your heating on. I find that sometimes I only need to heat a few rooms of the house so this is perfect. Most have an adjustable thermostat and a red light that reminds you when the radiator is switched on. Perfect for those of us who need a little extra reminder!

If you are interested in keeping up with all of my home decor finds, exciting content and new product launches for the home then head on over to my Instagram where I post regular news and stories about what I’m using and discovering during the home renovation process. I also worked with Farrow & Ball on some hallway decor content for those in need of some style advice in this area. A black oil filled radiator works perfectly with the dark and dramatic hallway design we worked on!

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