Convertible vs. RV: Which Type of Car Is Best for Your Next Road Trip?

It’s an age-old question: convertible or RV? Which is best for your next travel adventure? 

Well, it won’t surprise you to learn that both are pretty good. However, if you only have the budget for one or the other, this blog is here to help. We take a look at which vehicle type might be best suited to the type of adventures you go on and how it can make the experience more memorable. For a list of the pros and cons of both vehicle styles, read on!

The Pros Of Convertibles

Convertibles come with many good features that make them a joy to take on travel adventures. 

Fun And Stylish

Their design makes them a fun and stylish way to explore new places. You can feel the fresh air whipping through your hair as you cruise along at high speeds. You also get the sun on your skin, and the freedom of the open road, making you feel more connected to the local environment. 

More Fuel Efficient

Convertibles aren’t as stiff as regular vehicles, but they tend to be more fuel-efficient than an RV, which means you can save money on gas and reduce your environmental impact.

Easier To Park

There’s also the benefit that convertibles are easy to park and maneuver which is a great option for anyone who loves accessing narrow streets or crowded city centers. Vehicles also run low to the ground, meaning you won’t run into as many height restriction issues. 

Convertible Cons

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Convertibles come with some downsides. 

Less Space For Luggage

A convertible has limited space for luggage, passengers, and pets. As such, you might have to compromise what you bring with you. Most convertibles can’t accommodate more than two passengers, let alone bicycles and suitcases. 

Less Protection From The Elements

A convertible also offers less protection from the weather and noise. If it starts raining, you usually have to stop by the side of the road and quickly put the cover on. Some vehicles from Edmunds let you do this while you’re moving, but you’ll still need to reduce your speed. 

Pros Of RVs

Here are some of the pros of using an RV. 

Home Away From Home

In an RV, you have more space and comfort than in practically any other vehicle. You can sleep in a bed, cook in a kitchen, use a bathroom, watch TV, or do pretty much whatever else you want. 

More Flexible

This type of vehicle is also more flexible and convenient than a convertible. You don’t have to worry about the weather and can travel at your own pace. Finding hotels or restaurants isn’t a problem either. 

RV Cons

Of course, there are some downsides. 

More Expensive

You’ll pay more for an RV than a convertible. As well as the purchase price, insurance, maintenance, and parking fees all tend to be higher. 

More Difficult To Park

You’ll also find it more difficult to park an RV. If you have a big one, you may find not all service stations provide accommodation for it.

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