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Chrysalis is a British jewellery brand which specialises in pieces which have meaning. Each one features talismans and spiritual symbols to remind the wearer of special times and people. The bangles are expandable and are designed to be stacked to each represent a different meaning to that individual. Here is a run-down of my personal collection and what each one means to me.

Lucky Star

This is my latest piece; the design was inspired by Pythagoras and his symbol of the lucky star and how it represents perfection. It is also worn to represent the mysteries of the universe. The lucky star comes with clear crystal gems which are incorporated to guide you in times of darkness. The stars are also said to determine your good fortune. This piece will help me stay focused in 2018 as I want to travel more and try new things, so I will use this to help me stay on the right track.

Love Set

The next piece I have is a two-piece set, which contains a heart shaped lock and key which symbolizes unbreakable bonds which are made up of trust, friendship and love. These are meant to be separated so you can gift one to someone special. My mum bought me these as a collection to wear together and whenever I wear them I instantly feel close to her, we live 300 miles apart, so this piece is significantly important to me. This set comes in rose gold or silver.


The joy set was also a gift, it is part of the life collection and represents passion, love and romance. This is a great piece to gift to a partner for an anniversary present as a keepsake of your love for one another. The Joy bangle comes with a circular charm emblazoned with love and a heart and a delicate design to frame the writing, the second charm is a love heart completed with a collection of smaller hearts.


This next piece is designed on the belief of the evil eye and that wearing it warns off evil and protect the wearer from harm. I wear this one on my travels as a lucky charm. This was bought for me when I moved overseas as a gift for my new journey. The first charm has an evil eye and the second is an evil eye surrounded by hearts, this to me mean love always triumphs evil.

I am looking forward to adding to my collection in the future to help seal memories in a gorgeous individual collection of bracelets. Chrysalis also sell matching necklaces, rings and earrings to help the wearer complete their collections. They can be worn every day or for special occasions depending on the individual.

Whether you like coloured beads, silver, gold or rose gold finishes there is something to suit everyone. Why not gift a Chrysalis bangle to your lovely mum for Mother’s day and help her start a new collection of stunning meaningful jewellery.

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