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Mio Liquid Yoga

Mio Liquid Yoga Review – Liquid Yoga is a range created by Mio, the aim is to calm the mind and help aid natural sleep. Not only do they help you feel good, they do good too, as they donate a portion of their profits to a cancer charity called Look Good…Feel Better.

Mio Liquid Yoga

The first product I had the pleasure of trying is the Mio Liquid Yoga Homeopathic Space Spray which retails at £19.50 for 150ml.

This is a god send for me as you can use it in the car, office, home, pillow, yoga mat and even onto pulse points. The sprays helps to promote a calming area to help you de-stress. I have been using it in my home office for a few days and can already see an increase in my productivity as it helps to clear my mind. When you run two business and study part time this is a highly sought after quality!

It contains a blend of 8 essential oils (V-Tonic Blend ™) which help promote restful sleep, helps to cope with stress and also anxiety filled days. Having PTSD, I find these are a daily challenge for me, however when I have been feeling anxious I have been using the spray and I can see a rapid change in my mood once I have sprayed the homeopathic space spray. I do feel a lot more level headed and calmer. I find it is especially useful during the night when I have nightmares, I find the scent calming and it helps me to relax and fall back to sleep. The scent of the space spray is unlike anything I have previously tried; it contains arvensis, lavandun, citrus, cypress leaf oils. Lemon and chamomile.

Liquid Yoga Mio

The other product in the range which I have tried is the Liquid Yoga™ Bath Soak which retails at £26.00 for 200ml.

This also contains the V-Tonic™ blend as well as Epsom salts, sage and basil, Murumuru butter (filled with moisturizing properties), Andiroba Oil (deep penetrating moisturizer), horse chestnut seed oil and fig extract. Just sitting in the room whilst this is blending with hot running water, I could feel myself beginning to relax before I had even entered the water. Upon entering the bath, the steam was fragrant with the wonderful scent and I could easily feel myself relaxing. I followed the recommended deep breathing exercises and I could feel all the tension drain away into the warm water. This has to be one of my favourite must have bath time products now.

Each product in the Mio Liquid Yoga range also comes complete with a handy mini leaflet which talks through each product in the range and also illustrates the Mio Mindful Motivators to use alongside the products. The motivators include focused breathing, yoga poses and good mood food to help promote a better wellbeing for the product user. If you want to expand on your range, they also do a Double Bluff Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator and a QuickStart Exhilarating Shower Gel.

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