5 Deliciously Boozy Easter Cocktails and Treats


Easter is definitely the time for indulgence, but it doesn’t have to be all about the kids! This week we’re showing you five of our favourite boozy Easter cocktails and treats that are definitely adults only. Let us know over on our Twitter or Instagram if you try any of these out at home….


Chambord Easter Cocktails

First up we have this amazingly tasty Easter cocktail from Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur! The Chambord Easter Egg is easy to make. But noisy!


Simply pour all of the below ingredients into the blender. Whizzzzzzzzzzz, for 20 seconds. Et voila.  Ingredients: 25ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur / 15ml coffee liqueur / 25ml cream / 1 scoop chocolate ice cream / 1 scoop vanilla ice cream.

Link to buy Chambord: www.Amazon.co.uk

Feenys easter cocktail

Feeney’s Salted Caramel Milkshake

This looks like the perfect sweet treat for an evening tipple! To a blender add 30ml Feeney’s Irish Cream, 20ml The Dubliner Honeycomb Liqueur, 2 ½ scoops of vanilla ice cream and a pinch of sea salt. Blend for 30-60 seconds. Pour the milkshake into a milk glass bottle and add a straw. Garnish with sprinkles of Crunchie, Twirl or Flake – very indulgent!

1-litre bottles of Feeney’s are available from: Tesco and Asda RRP: £15 per bottle. 70cl bottles are available from: masterofmalt.com and Amazon. RRP: £12.50 ABV 17%

Link to buy Feeney’s: www.Amazon.co.uk



CÎROC Sicily Cocktail

With the Easter weekend around the corner and the spring season about to kick-off, it is the perfect time to experiment with new, fresh flavours. What better way to brighten things up than with London’s coolest cocktails? Whether you are planning a brunch, a dinner or a party, have a sip of La Dolce Vita recreating at home these CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka spring recipes with a twist of flavour from Italy.

Escape the city and let this innovative cocktail, created by the master bartenders at Amico’s Bar, take you to Southern Europe, in a journey of aroma, sight, flavour and texture. The CÎROC Sicily is the perfect way to experience the pleasure of a getaway without the need to take a flight.

SICILY Ingredients:  35ml CÎROC Vanilla / 20ml Lemon Juice / 20ml Syrup (2:1) / 50ml Passion Fruit Juice / 50ml Prosecco

Method: shake, strain and serve with lavender garnish!

Link to buy CÎROC: www.Amazon.co.uk

Easter cocktail

The Dubliner & Honeycomb Liqueur – Bees Knees

Another super easy cocktail to try this easter is the delicious ‘Bees Knees cocktail. To throw this together in minutes, you just need to add ice to a cocktail shaker. Pour in 50ml of Dubliner and Honeycomb Liqueur, 20ml honey syrup and 20ml fresh lemon juice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with lemon zest – a sweet treat

RRP: £22.50 for 70cl. Link to buy The Dubliner: www.Amazon.co.uk


Missy Flynn’s Baileys Easter Egg Trifle

Now if you really want to impress your guests this Easter than this Baileys Easter Egg Trifle is definitely the thing that you need to create. You’ll need: An Easter egg / 50ml Baileys Original / Toppings/delicious treats ie: crumbled chocolate sponge, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate buttons, whipped cream, cherries, raspberries and meringue.

1. Carefully cut an Easter egg open widthways (using a knife dipped in boiling water will help melt the chocolate and make this easier)
a. Alternatively you can use a blow torch to melt the top of the egg so that it opens up
2. Layer inside the cake any delicious Easter treats you can find
3. Pour a measure of Baileys Original over the top, so that it soaks into the sponge
4. Serve with a spoon, and a paper straw

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for Easter cocktails to create at home? Remember to drink responsibly!

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