4 Amazingly Hydrating Hand Creams For Dry and Sore Hands

Excessive hand washing can dry out your skin, leaving your hands sore, dry and cracked. With so many of us currently trying to protect and hydrate our hands, here are four of the best hand creams that should help keep your skin moisturised during these tough times.

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Lotil Original Hand Cream – Instantly treat dry, cracked hands with Lotil original hand cream. This hydrating and soothing formula sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t have any overpowering scent. Find it at www.weldricks.co.uk priced at – 50ml RRP: £3.27 and at www.amazon.co.uk and other independent pharmacies.

The Body Shop Hemp Hardworking Hand Protector – For those who’s red raw mitts can’t face another handwashing, why not grab Hemp Hardworking Hand Protector? In the words of Anita Roddick, “In 24 years in the cosmetics industry, I can think of few ingredients that stand out simply because of their performance and efficacy… but hemp is one of them.” Enriched with Community Trade hemp seed oil from France with every 100ml tube containing 966 hemp seeds, this heavy-duty hydrator has been one of The Body Shop’s bestsellers for over 20 years. It moisturises very dry skin for up to 24 hours. RRP £12 for 100ml. Purchase online here: www.thebodyshop.com (ad. affiliate)

Beefayre hand creams – we’ve reviewed Beefayre hand creams before and loved them. They come in a variety of different scents including: Bluebell, Honeylily, Watermint and Rosemary, Wild Fig and more. These smell beautiful and are long lasting without being too heavy or overpowering.


It is definitely worth adding a good quality hand cream into your skincare routine at the moment and these are so luxurious. A scent such as the light and floral ‘Bluebell’ is wonderful for popping into your handbag to use throughout the day. You can find all of the Beefayre products over at www.beefayre.com now.

Eco Warrior by Little Soap Company – Ok so it may not be a hand cream but using natural soap bars, free from stripping and drying ingredients is not only kinder to our skin but the environment too. Be kind to your hands, and the planet, with ECO-WARRIOR by Little Soap Company (£4.50/100g). Made from naturally derived ingredients, these vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable and sustainable soap bars nourish, protect and clean your skin. Available from: littlesoapcompany.co.uk


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