A Day in the Life of: Lionel Richie’s PA & Celebrity Makeup Artist Claire Hanson

A Make-up Artist for over 17 years, Claire Hanson began her career in London working on prestigious events including London Fashion Week, and soon became Make-up designer on some on the UK’s leading fashion brands.

Claire’s major break into the music industry came a few years later, for pop band S Club 7, in 1997. She worked solidly with them for almost 5 years from day one to the very last day.

Being Lionel Richie’s PA

She is continually reinventing herself and working hard on new ways of show casing her work. That may be through major International music artists such as Jon Bon Jovi, who requests Claire’s makeup and hair services on their visits to the UK, for various TV and magazine features or her working relationship with Mr. Lionel Richie – which began as his personal groomer and has now taken Claire to all parts of the world, working closely with him on all appearances throughout the world and developed into Artist Assistant to him, directly now, for 7 years.

Ok it is 9.00 am, I’m all ready to embrace a new beautiful day. My yoga is done and my beetroot juice juiced! Shall I first call the office and double check the fishes in the pond have had their morning food, or if the call sheets have gone out, wonder if there are any messages for me I need to answer urgently? Or do I head out up to get the things on my list for today for Mr Richie.

We are leaving our London based hotel at 11.30.

Pretty heavy schedule today. 2 interviews. 1 radio and one television this afternoon. But the highlight today is his private performance tonight. A surprise birthday party. Stage clothes I prepped last night – check (ticked off list)! Meanwhile I need to organise some socks and tee shirts to be picked up at Selfridges. I think I’ll have to get Mark at the reception to send one of the lovely guys from concierge for me!

Oh and this package from America which was due to arrive yesterday, note to self, must follow up with the couriers – its late! Wow, let’s crack on! I’ll think about the fishes later!

Well I guess this the life of a PA . Should not complain. Although originally I am a makeup and hair artist, for over 18 years, 8 years ago now I did some grooming for Lionel and my job developed naturally over time, and now 75% per cent of my work is with him. Amber and Dominique my business partners, are in the office ( you know, where the fishes are) they are dealing with clients wanting Make up and Hair artists. I have 45 girls around me doing the work I obviously can’t always do.

Oh I better check as well with Amber if all is organised with our M.A.C.H team girls (formed 7 years ago). 1 make up artist for Le Manoir Aux Quatre Saisons, (Raymond Blanc’s haven) for a wedding plus 2 beauty therapists at 4 pm, 1 Hair artist for a wedding trial in Manchester, and oh another note to self, I’ve to send across my write up for the product reviews for several of the beauty blogs for and on behalf of APHAMA – (The Association of Professional Hair And Makeup Artists). Right, well my other creative hats on now – come on! Let’s wake up Lionel!

Visit Claire’s official website here: http://www.clairehansonmakeup.com

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