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Recently we have been very lucky to test some of the best cleaning devices around at the moment, today we are looking at the H2O X5 Steam cleaner – a machine that not only steam cleans your floor, but also steams your carpet, garments and doubles as a window cleaner and a handheld steam cleaner.


Here is the H2O X5 Steam Cleaner in its box, first impressions are good and I can’t wait to free it from its container and give it a test.



A first look at the plethora of attachments, at this point I was feeling a little bit daunted at how much stuff there was in the container and how long it was going to take me to build the device.



Above is the whole device unpacked and ready for assembly, happily this really is a simple and well documented affair with every part fitting together in an easy and hassle free way, more elderly people will be happy with the ease of assembly and the simple step by step instructions.



The finished product is a well made and sturdy product, it took me a matter of moments to put the H2O X5 together using the instructions, and within minutes I was happily steaming the floors in the house.



We have been testing so many high quality cleaning products of late that we have run out of things to clean, luckily a quick pop around to the neighbours yielded this oven door, and they were more than happy to let us clean it for them – we utilised the handheld steam unit along with the brass attachment to great effect – cleaning this section took a matter of seconds – quite unbelievable based on the months/years of accumulated muck.



Throughout our test of the H2O X5 we tested it on our hard floors, used the carpet glider to refresh the rugs, took it handheld to clean the grouting around the kitchen tiles, steamed some old window blinds and even cleaned the windows using the various attachments and the handy squeegee and the machine never came up wanting – it is a sheer pleasure to use, attaching and un-attaching the various attachments is a breeze and everything we cleaned came up looking much better and smelling clean and fresh all without the use of any cleaning detergents. If I did have any criticism of the machine it would only be that the fitting of the cloths for both window cleaning and garment steaming were a little fiddly (I am quite ambidextrous as I game quite a bit) and the lack of storage for the masses of attachments that come with the machine, but as they are the only issues I found with the H2O X5 I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an all in one Steam Cleaner.


The H2O X5 Steam Cleaner is Available on Amazon now! Link to buy

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