6 Tips on Transforming Your Daywear to Evening Wear

Time with friends is essential to staying sane during the working week. You may be so keen to get out and enjoy yourself that there’s no time to get home and get changed before meeting your friends. On the other hand, you may be attending a work event straight after you finish your working day.

Whatever your reason for heading out, you’ll need some tips on how to glam up your work outfit. Take a look at everything you need to go from office chic to glamorous babe.

Change Your Bag

If you’re carrying a holdall or briefcase with you throughout your working day, you’ll want to rethink it for the evening. Changing your bag to a clutch or a purse with a bit of sparkle can help you change your entire look. The bag you’re carrying lets other people know whether you’re ready for a day at work or ready for a night on the dancefloor.

Lose The Shoes

Those practical flats that you’ve been wearing all day aren’t going to serve you well for the evening. If you’ve been wearing your old reliables for comfort, you’ll need to slip into something a little less comfortable for a night on the town. However, if you’d rather not carry a second pair of shoes around with you, boots are the ideal choice. They can easily transition from day to night without you needing to change a thing.

Statement Jewelry

Perhaps your choice of jewelry for work is more reserved and understated than evening jewelry. When you’re going out straight from work, it can help to change up your jewelry. Opt for a statement necklace or earrings. Avoid doing both at the same time. A good piece of statement jewelry can make a plain top go from basic to glamorous in seconds.

Wear Layers

Work outfits present a great opportunity to wear layers. You can wear a tank top underneath a shirt as long as it’s appropriate for the workplace. When you’re ready to go out in the evening, you can remove the shirt and you’re ready to go in just a tank top. Pair it with a pencil skirt for a simple but effective day to night look.

Change Your Makeup

Your conservative office makeup will seem out of place during the evening. Before you head out after work, take the opportunity to dial your makeup a notch. It could be a bold red lip or a dramatic eye color with eyeliner to match. Add a touch of blush to complete the look and you’re ready to go.

Let Your Hair Down

You’ve heard the saying ‘let your hair down’ and it’s never truer than when you’re meeting friends for an evening out after work. There’s something about letting your hair down that can make you feel more relaxed. However, it will also work with your evening look. 

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