4 Ways to Leverage Custom Packaging for Product Launches


Product launch involves various activities that aim to create awareness and generate interest in the product among customers. It is crucial to a product’s reception in the market. It helps the business to build anticipation for their product, get feedback from the first users, and create momentum. 

We already know that first impressions matter. A well-designed packaging can help you to attract the right kind of customers during your product launch. For instance, a shoe brand that advertises a new product enclosed in custom shoe boxes with logo designs will capture clients’ attention with its unique selling points. This convinces them to give it a trial. A successful product launch ultimately drives sales and revenue for the company. On the other hand, a poor packaging may be counterproductive to your product’s success.

In this article, we will explore the relationship between product packaging and product launch and how you can leverage packaging to maximize the impact of product launches. 

How to Leverage Custom Packaging for Product Launch

Product launches are crucial to a business’s success. Launching new products or services is vital to any revenue growth strategy. New products account for more than 25 percent of total revenue and profits across industries, according to McKinsey. With custom packaging, you can add more promotional value to your product launch. Here are some ways to leverage your product packaging for your launch event.

Add a Consistent Look Across Your Products

Your custom packaging offers a chance to achieve cohesive and consistent branding on all digital and physical touchpoints. It helps you to build a brand identity by incorporating your brand’s visual element in your packaging. These include your logo, color palette, fonts and other design elements associated with your business. Having these visual elements in your packaging can create a cohesive look across your product. This helps your customers easily identify your product among competitors in the market.


It can also improve your product launch event. For instance, assume you want to organize a large-scale event for your product launch; you can take advantage of your packaging to give a consistent look to your business – from the ticket design, welcome gifts, flyers and promotional materials. This way, you can build excitement and buzz about your product before the event even starts.


Include it in Your Marketing Strategy

Another way to leverage custom packaging when launching your product is to utilize it in your marketing strategies. One common strategy among businesses is to send out care packages to reviewers and journalists before a product launch event. A care package usually includes background information about the company, press releases, promotional materials, and, most importantly, the product itself to support media coverage.


These care packages are an excellent way to grab reporters’ and industry insiders’ attention by delivering a branded item in an unforgettable way. This will create an excellent first impression on them and contribute to publicity around your product. 


Another popular strategy is to offer branded gifts at product launch events. Tote bogs are a common choice for many businesses. This will further provide a positive, on-brand impression about your business.

Add a Personalized Touch

Your product packaging can provide a personal touch by creating a sense of connection and emotional resonance between the customers and the brand. For some customers, simply providing a good packaging design is not enough. They also want to feel something for the brand. A well-designed and presented package can evoke excitement, anticipation, and appreciation and create a positive brand experience.


You could also add a personalized touch to your brand by investing in individualized packaging during the product release. For instance, you can include thank you or loyalty cards in the packaging. Even better, you can add the customer’s name to the packaging. This helps to build an emotional connection to your product and subsequently improves sales momentum for your brand. 

Improve Customer’s Perception of Your Brand

According to IPSOS, 72 percent of American customers say product packaging influences purchasing decisions. Your packaging might determine if a customer chooses your product while shopping. To provide context, imagine visiting your local retail store looking for an orange drink; you’ll undoubtedly see many options in the fridge. So how do you choose without knowing what they taste like? The packaging becomes the decider.


The packaging can communicate quality to customers. It can tell your customers that your product is high-quality and encourage them to try it. Using high-quality packaging during the product release can increase the perceived value of your products so that customers think it is a better upgrade than its competitors.

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