How to create a beach theme in your home

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Whether you live by the sea and want to mirror your surroundings or you’re an urban dweller and want to invoke some coastal bliss, the team over at FourWalls have sifted through oceans of how-to guides to bring you some top tips on introducing beach vibes to your home. The obvious things that come to mind when we think of the beach are sun, sea and sand. So, it make sense to integrate these elements into your home to achieve the look, right?


Shelf some shells
You may be surprised to learn that it’s illegal to remove shells from some beaches – however tempting it might seem to take a few as souvenirs! You can buy them though, so do this to create a fun beachy display.

Shell wall art
Online outlets such as Etsy stock plenty of it, but if you’re a dab hand at crafts there’s nothing stopping you from making your own. All you need is a frame of your choice, a handful of shells, a bit of glue, a dash of creativity and the job’s a good’un.

Coming hand-in-hand with the sea, sailboats are a cute addition when creating a beach theme, and can make a great standalone windowsill feature. With lots of lovely and quirky styles on show, Etsy is a good starting place for your sailboat search.

Cool colour theme
Set the tone with cool shades of blue and white and imagine the waves crashing in front of you for a chilled and tranquil environment.
If you’re prepared to go the whole hog, splash your walls white with touches of blue on, for example, a feature wall. If you don’t want such a permanent look, simply add hints of blue and white into the room with cushions, throws, utensils and décor – depending on which room you’re working with.

Jute rugs
Jute isn’t a material you find by the sea but, oddly, the addition of a jute rug can bring a beach-like feel into your living quarters. Most mainstream retailers, such as Dunelm, John Lewis and M&S, sell them.

Beach paintings
What better way to be reminded of the beach than to look at it? For a wall hanging that jolts a memory of your happy times time by the sea, get one of your own images professionally printed and framed or put on a canvas. If you want something a little more picturesque than you can capture yourself, put your hand in your pocket and purchase someone else’s.

Rope and sand
Fill some unused jars with sand, wrap some rope or twine round the neck of the vessel and there you have it – a quick, cost-effective piece of beach home décor.

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