5 Natural Remedies To Help Soothe Your Stress

It’s a sad fact that stress and anxiety are a growing epidemic, with studies in the UK revealing significant increases in both conditions.

Triggered by a wide range of factors, including overwork, rising inflation, and global issues such as Covid-19 and political unrest, these growing levels of anxiety are wreaking havoc on our minds and bodies.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies available that you can try out in order to help soothe your stress levels. Combining them into a powerful self-care routine that you use on a regular basis will hopefully help to soothe the unsettling symptoms of stress and panic and restore you to a positive equilibrium.

Plant-Based Tonics

Plant-based remedies have been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of physical and mental conditions, and their powerful healing properties are just as relevant in our highly technological era.

Companies such as Greenhaus are tapping into the healing power of plants by creating a diverse selection of natural tonics that will benefit both mind and body. These range from CBD oils and medicinal mushrooms to, tinctures, and drinks that you can take to soothe your stress and calm your mind.


Meditation techniques are a time-honoured means of lowering your body’s stress response and helping to bring you back to a calmer and more positive state.

If you find it hard to control your thoughts, you can try some of the simplest forms of meditation, such as simply sitting comfortably in a quiet room and focusing on your breath, or uttering a very simple chant. Alternatively, you can download meditation apps or listen to guided meditations on YouTube.

Caring For Plants And Animals

Taking care of house plants or pets can have a powerful effect on stress and anxiety, lowering cortisol levels, improving focus, and helping to regulate your emotions so you don’t fall into a negative spiral.

The mere act of stroking a cat or a dog, or watering your collection of precious plant babies, can have a soothing effect that lifts your mood and gives you an empowering sense of purpose.

Exercise Your Anxiety Away

If you’re desperate to calm a racing heart and quash those adrenaline-fuelled feelings of anxiety, it may seem counterintuitive to do something designed to boost your heart rate. However, various studies have revealed the positive effects of exercise on stress and anxiety.

If you’re not keen on lifting weights, the good news is that there are so many other forms of exercise available that can bring you the same benefit – whether it’s going for a brisk walk, taking a salsa class, learning to play tennis, or even giving pole dancing a go.

Getting Creative

Stress and anxiety can easily take over your thoughts and, in turn, your body. That’s why it’s vital to find something more positive to focus on.

Creative pursuits such as journalling, writing poetry, drawing, painting, or knitting help you to get into that pleasurable and soothing ‘flow’ state. They can also boost your feelings of productivity and purpose, raising your self-esteem in the process and helping to keep negative emotions at bay.

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