Why Are Health Cash Plans More Valuable Today Than Ever Before?

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Health cash plans can help to improve employees mental and physical well being, they provide a variety of benefits from services they give you. Usually health cash plans only cover mental problems and issues for employees, many health cash plans provide a range of different services to choose from that can help HR teams manage mental ill health and stress in the workplace.

Problems with mental health in workspaces are becoming more common due to the amount of stress that employees can be faced with. It’s been found that two-fifths of organisations have seen an increase in mental health problems and that stress accounted for 35% of all work-related ill health cases from all the pressure and anxiety people are getting from working.

Health care cash plans for individuals and employees can help to improve the mental well-being of employees and reduce stress, they have services to help with things such as therapy sessions, counselling helplines, GP surgeries, or any leisure activities. Also, some health cash plans include support services that help with mental illness for their employees.

Health cash plans & stress management:

There are many different solutions to help employees with there mental illness as it is increasing in working spaced due to stress and anxiety some of these are

    • Cashback on massages, acupuncture, reflexology and other relaxation therapies
    • Preventative services such as 24/7 counselling helplines
    • Virtual GP surgeries, which provide face-to-face webcam consultations
    • Access to discounted leisure activities in order to help towards a better work–life balance

Active care with occupational health helpline:
These services provide employees with early intervention and proactive support from day one of absence, it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and help them to recover from mental health. HR teams can also receive professional support to help them if they have any mental illnesses. It helps people feel better and return back to work feeling better about themselves and their mental health. If people are back at work with a healthy mind they can be more productive and work better in stressful conditions allowing them to enjoy their workspace more and look forward to getting up in the morning. It helps to motivate them as it’s important for them to be mentally healthy and attend work to make money for themselves.

A brighter future:

Being healthy can help you to look forward to your future and motivate you to do things for a better life for yourself. Having the support of helplines will ensure you can recover to have a better future for yourself. Organisations management support for absences showed that:

    • 92% of organisations who introduced or revisited their wellbeing benefits in 2014 reported a positive impact on absence levels
    • 88% of organisations who involved occupational health professionals in 2014 reported a positive impact on absence levels


Are health cash plans worth it over all:

Having a health care cash plan for employees that suffer from mental illness has had many positive effects on people and helped them improve their lives and minds. If you are someone who suffers from mental illnesses, stress or anxiety it is recommended you have one, these are very helpful and provide many different services for you to utilise. They have many helplines for you to use if you need help and they also have many benefits.

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