What to Do If You Think Your Child Suffers from ADHD

Have you ever wondered if your child suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD? You may wonder because they always seem to be in motion, never stopping to do anything but eat and watch a bit of television. Many parents wonder the same thing, but most kids have an abundance of energy and will rarely stay focused on anything but getting back out to play.

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Usually, it’s perfectly normal behaviour because kids are filled with energy. Just because they bounce their way through life, doesn’t mean they suffer from ADHD. It simply means they are a kid. With that said, if you feel your child is more energetic than other kids their age, uncontrollably so, it may be time to get a professional diagnosis.

Signs of ADHD

Unfortunately, because all kids are so very energetic it is often difficult to spot ADHD symptoms in children. However, very specific symptoms include:




So then, displaying just one of those symptoms is often inconclusive which is why it takes a specialist to determine if it is ADHD and if so, to what degree. Doctors and specialists at private paediatric groups such as Childhealthy can confirm a diagnosis in one of three forms of the disorder at their London facility. They are able to carry out a thorough assessment regarding your child’s ADHD symptoms.

Three Main Types of ADHD

What makes it really confusing for parents is that there isn’t just one type of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but three main types which need to be diagnosed. Those main types are:

ADHD – Impulsive/Hyperactive

ADHD – Combined

ADHD – Distractible and Inattentive

Of those, the most common type is the combined type and hence the name ADHD which is also used for the other two main types that doesn’t have all three of the main symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.

Treatments for ADHD

Here again, not all children will receive the same treatments. Doctors will assess the severity of the disorder in a child and then make a prescribed course of treatment based on the type and severity of the disorder within a give child. Children with mild symptoms may be treated without medical (prescription) intervention while those with more severe forms of the disorder may have a multi-layered treatment plan consisting of prescription medications along with therapy and specialised educational settings. Each child is treated individually based on the manifestation of symptoms.

The Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis

When all is said and done, there is no disputing the fact that everything begins with an accurate diagnosis. Children suffering from almost any level of the disorder will also suffer in various aspects of their everyday lives. They may fall behind in classwork even if they are above average intelligence.

Some children won’t play well with others and other children yet may have difficulties at home with parents and siblings. If the symptoms are strong enough for you to recognise that they may be suffering from ADHD, don’t delay getting that diagnosis. Early intervention can help to reduce the symptoms in children ‘suffering’ from the disorder, and that’s often the operative word – suffering.

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