Top ways to improve your morning routine

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Whether you’re a morning person or not, getting up and out of the door on a morning can sometimes feel like a battle! No matter if it takes you ten minutes to get ready or an hour, there a number of things you can do to help your morning routine be that little bit better.

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Don’t hit the snooze button

One of the worst things you can do on a morning is to hit your snooze button over and over again. You might think that an additional 10 minutes will make a difference, unfortunately if you do manage to go back to sleep, you’ll only feel sleepier when your alarm goes off again!

Try and get into the habit of getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off, and you’ll have a much more efficient start to the day. Although there’s no “one size fits all” to creating a habit, after a while it’ll start to become a little easier.

Have a quicker shower

By streamlining your shower time, you’ll be out of the door for work before you know it! If you regularly wash your hair, wash and condition it first, then wash, shave and rinse the rest of you. Once you’re all clean, your hair will be ready to rinse too.

Hop out and complete your morning routine in the bathroom, get dressed and get ready to fuel yourself.

Get your wardrobe in order the night before

Getting your next day’s clothes ready the night before will save you ample time in the morning. You can save many wasted minutes trawling through your clothes, trying to decide on what to wear, by simply checking the forecast and laying or hanging out what you’re planning to wear.

Not only will you avoid a what-to-wear crisis, but you’ll also spend less time hunting for the perfect tie to match a shirt or the ideal shoes to match your skirt.

Buy your train tickets in advance

Don’t run the risk of getting stuck in a queue at the station when you leave for the office or your workplace. Plan in advance by checking train times and booking your tickets before you’re set to leave!

This could save you a number of minutes per day, which could amount to hours over the course of the year.

Planning saves time

No matter which of these steps you take onboard, planning everything out for the following day will save you ample time, and will help to make your morning routine a little quicker and a little easier!

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