Seasonal delight as Tanqueray join forces with florist Grace & Thorn


This Christmas, Tanqueray has joined forces with florist Grace & Thorn to create The Tanqueray Table Wreath. Designed for the ultimate luxury drinks experience and to create a stunning centrepiece, this beautiful wreath is embellished with garnishes and botanicals inspired by Tanqueray Gin. Not only does this table-wreath look great but it can be used to create amazing Tanqueray cocktails too.

The Tanqueray Table Wreath is centered around a bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin and comes with a beautiful booklet offering a series of delectable cocktail recipes featuring both the classic Tanqueray London Dry Gin, as well as the delicious Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla made with orange essences. The table wreath features botanicals used in the crafting of Tanqueray as well as garnishes which can be picked and added to chosen cocktails to get you into the Christmas spirit.

For a moment of festive indulgence at home simply select your favourite cocktail from the booklet. To make the classic Tanqueray and tonic, top Tanqueray London Dry with crisp tonic water for a cocktail with a distinctive, robust juniper taste. To complete, pick some slices of lime from the table wreath to garnish and compliment your drink. 

Once you have crafted your cocktail, tie on the elegant Tanqueray blindfold to embark on a sophisticated journey to awaken your senses and appreciate the depth of flavour and craft that goes into every expression of Tanqueray, whilst enjoying your perfect serve, in a moment that’s #UnmistakablyTanqueray. You could even pop it on your front door afterwards like we’ve done!

First crafted in 1830, Tanqueray came before traditions such as cards, and crackers and has endured as a true hallmark for quality to this day renowned for its elegant taste crafted from four perfectly balanced botanicals.


To experience this timeless gin in a unique way this festive season the Tanqueray Table Wreath is available to purchase here and comes with a gifted bottle of Tanqueray London Dry. As this item includes a gifted bottle of Tanqueray London Dry, buyers must be 18+ and proof of age may be required on delivery.

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