Show You Care On A Shoestring This Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas is a magical time of year, filled with joy, laughter, fantastic food and buckets of booze! It is the season to show your loved ones how much you care, but not everyone has a millionaire budget to spend on the perfect presents. And it’s not all about what you buy. The little gestures are always the most treasured and remembered during the festive season. Here are some simple ways to show that you care without breaking the bank this Christmas.


Send a Hand-Written Card
Simply sending a hand-written card really shows you care, as you have taken the time out to write it yourself. The key here is to avoid writing an impersonal card. We’ve all seen the “To the Jones Family, Merry Christmas, Love from the Smiths” about a million times before. We know that our card is just one of many in a production line of Christmas card writing!
Try to make it as sentimental as you can by including a personal joke or a nickname to show that you have put some thought into your card. There are also loads of personalised cards you can get across the market place – stores such as Card Factory offer these types of Christmas cards at great prices.

Take Time to Chat
Pay them a visit or pick up the phone– it’s free! Nothing says your thinking of someone more than reaching out. If you know you won’t see them on Christmas Day, plan some time to pay them a visit either before or after the big day to show them that you’re thinking of them. This is particularly important if you have any older relatives or neighbours. A quick knock at the door might make their day. If you don’t have enough time to do this, why not just give them a call? Having a chat over the phone may seem simple but it is a great way to show them you care without breaking the bank.

Give a Homemade Gift
If you’re on a tight budget this year and an expensive gift is out of the question – why not invest time instead and make them a gift? There are loads of things you can make, depending on how crafty you are. If you’re more at home in the kitchen – why not make them a homemade Christmas Cake? This can be done weeks in advance too, so no night-before stress to worry about! Another great adult-only option is to make your own infused booze – it is way easier than you expect! Buy a bottle of vodka and any flavours you want to infuse it with (think cinnamon, berries, orange, lemon – anything goes!). Pop it all into a clean glass bottle and leave to infuse for a few days before filtering. Make a hand-written label and voila – the perfect Christmas tipple!

If arts and crafts are more your thing – why not create a DIY picture collage? Photo printing can be done super cheap. If you have a good quality printer at home then this is certainly the cheapest option, but if not, there are loads of websites now that make it easy to upload photos from your phone. They print them and deliver them to your door! Once you have the photos, purchase a clip frame (they can be as little as £1.99) and separate the plastic cover from the cardboard back. Stick the photos straight to the back of the clip frame, pop the cover back on and you have the perfect personal present!

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